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Country  Jordan
Area  15 sq mi
Founded  1957
Governor  Zarqa Governorate
Mayor  Osama Haimour

Russeifa, also spelled Russiefa, (Arabic: ?) is a city in Zarqa Governorate in Jordan. It has a population of about 280,000 (2009 estimate), making it the fourth-largest city in Jordan, after Amman, Irbid, and Zarqa.


Map of Russeifa


The Jordan National Census of 2004 showed the population of Russeifa as 268,237. The female to male ratio was 48.46% to 51.54%. Jordanian citizens made up 89.6% of Russeifas population.

Districts of Metropolitan Russeifa

The metropolitan area is divided into five districts as follows:


Russeifa Beautiful Landscapes of Russeifa

The city of Russeifa is located in the Central region of Jordan, in the Zarqa River basin, on the Amman-Zarqa highway. Amman, Zarqa, and Russeifa form one large metropolitan area, the second largest metropolitan area in the Levant, after Damascus. The city administratively belongs to Zarqa Governorate. Due to its proximity to Amman and Zarqa, it houses several heavy industries.


The city is known for the phosphate mine industry since 1935, first discovered by Amin Kamel Kawar. The Jordan Phosphate Mines company, founded by Kawar, operates and runs the phosphate mines in Russeifa.


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