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Running Man (2013 film)

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Director  Jo Dong-oh
Country  South Korea
6.2/10 IMDb

Language  Korean
Running Man (2013 film) movie poster
Release date  April 4, 2013 (2013-04-04)
Tagline  Running Man

Running man official teaser trailer 1 2013 korean action movie hd

Running Man (Hangul: 런닝맨; RR: Reonningmaen) is a 2013 South Korean action film starring Shin Ha-kyun as an ordinary man who begins to be chased and watched by the entire nation after he is falsely accused in a homicide case.


Running Man (2013 film) movie scenes

Running Man was the first ever Korean movie to have 100% of its investment come from a Hollywood studio, 20th Century Fox, which also produced it along with CreaPictures. Distributed by Fox both domestically and worldwide, it was released in theaters on April 4, 2013.

Running Man (2013 film) movie scenes

Running man official teaser trailer 1 2013 korean action movie hd


Running Man (2013 film) movie scenes

Jong-Woo (Shin Ha-kyun) went to prison four times for petty crimes likes burglary and car theft, but he now works as an auto mechanic. He has a 17-year-old son named Gi-Hyuk (Lee Min-ho), which he raises by himself. Gi-Hyuk is a smart kid, but troubled. The father and the son also do not get along. Although, Jong-Woo might appear like an irresponsible father, he tries his best and even works at night as a private taxi service.

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One evening, Jong-Woo drops off a couple at a ritzy hotel. Suddenly, another man hops into Jong-Woo's car and tells him to drive off. Once the man pulls out large stash of cash, Jong-Woo is happy to drive the man wherever he wants. The man asks Jong-Woo to drive him to a delivery company.

Jong-Woo walks into the delivery company and asks for directions to the bathroom. He then notices the man mailing off a small electronic device. The man then comes up to Jong-Woo and offers him $1,000 if he will drive him to an apartment and then to the airport. Jong-Woo happily agrees, but he first grabs the man's cellphone and calls his own cellphone.

Once they get into the parking garage of the apartment complex, Jong-Woo's life is about to turn completely upside down. He runs out of the garage on foot and becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

Meanwhile, Gi-Hyuk is shocked and confused that his father is now a murder suspect. Gi-Hyuk attempts to uncover the truth.


  • Shin Ha-kyun - Cha Jong-woo, auto mechanic
  • Lee Min-ho - Cha Gi-hyuk, Jong-woo's son
  • Kim Sang-ho - Ahn Sang-ki, detective
  • Jo Eun-ji - Park Sun-young, reporter
  • Oh Jung-se - Jang Do-sik, computer geek
  • Joo Hyun - Pastor Moon
  • Kim Eui-sung - Director Kim
  • Jung Suk-yong - Chief of police
  • Nam Kyung-eup - Richard Ma
  • Won Woong-jae - Detective Choi
  • Jung Mi-seong - Reporter Choi
  • Kwon Beom-taek - Dr. Hong Seung-hoon
  • Park Sang-wook - Beard
  • Yeom Dong-heon - Drunk
  • Release

    Running Man was released in South Korea on April 4, 2013. It opened at number one at the South Korean box office, grossing a total of US$3,317,529 in its first week. The film fell to third place in its second week, behind the premieres of Fists of Legend and Oblivion. The film has grossed a total of US$8,873,200.

    Critical reception

    Film Business Asia gave the film a three out of ten rating, referring to it as an "over-played and under-written action marathon quickly wears out its welcome."


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