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Ruše Lodge

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Parent range  Pohorje
Mountain range  Pohorje
Elevation  1,246 m
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The Ruše Lodge (Slovene: Ruška koča), or the Tine Lodge at Areh (Tinetov dom pri Arehu; 1,246 m or 4,088 ft) is a mountain lodge in the Pohorje Mountains (northeastern Slovenia), built by locals in 1907. It is open through the whole year.


Map of Ru%C5%A1ka ko%C4%8Da, 2208 Pohorje, Slovenia


Before World War II, three lodges – Ruše Lodge, Čander Lodge (Čandrova koča; named after an old Pohorje family Robnik–Čander), and Planika, together with St. Henry's Church (cerkev sv. Areha), formed a mountain resort. The lodges were burned during the war. The current lodge was built in 1946 and expanded in 1977. Due to the demand, a new Čander Lodge was also built.

Starting pointsEdit

  • 3½ hr drive from Ruše, passing an old limekiln
  • 4 hr drive from Ruše over Smolnik, passing the Šumnik Falls
  • 5 hr drive from Slovenska Bistrica, passing the Štuhec Lodge
  • 3½ hr drive from Fram through he village of Planica
  • 2 hr drive from Šmartno na Pohorju passing the Videc drag lift
  • 2½ hr drive from Šmartno na Pohorju through Bojtina, passing the Zgornji Bojčnik Farm
  • By car from Hoče (18 km or 11 mi), or from Ruše (14 km or 8.7 mi) or Slovenska Bistrica (26 km or 16 mi)
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