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Roshd Biological Education

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Categories  Science education
Circulation  10,000
Country  Iran
Frequency  Quarterly
First issue  1985
Language  Persian

Roshd Biological Education is a quarterly science educational magazine covering recent developments in biology and biology education for a biology teacher Persian -speaking audience. Founded in 1985, it is published by The Teaching Aids Publication Bureau, Organization for Educational Planning and Research, Ministry of Education, Iran. Roshd Biological Education has an editorial board composed of Iranian biologists, experts in biology education, science journalists and biology teachers. It is read by both biology teachers and students, as a way of launching innovations and new trends in biology education, and helping biology teachers to teach biology in better and more effective ways.


Magazine layout

As of Autumn 2012, the magazine is laid out as follows:

  • Editorial—often offering a view of point from editor in chief on an educational and/or biological topics.
  • Explore— New research methods and results on biology and/or education.
  • World— Reports and explores on biological education worldwide.
  • In Brief—Summaries of research news and discoveries.
  • Trends—showing how new technology is altering the way we live our lives.
  • Point of View—Offering personal commentaries on contemporary topics.
  • Essay or Interview—often with a pioneer of a biological and/or educational researcher or an influential scientific educational leader.
  • Muslim Biologists—Short histories of Muslim Biologists.
  • Environment—An article on Iranian environment and its problems.
  • News and Reports—Offering short news and reports events on biology education.
  • In Brief—Short articles explaining interesting facts.
  • Questions and Answers—Questions about biology concepts and their answers.
  • Book and periodical Reviews—About new publication on biology and/or education.
  • Reactions—Letter to the editors.
  • Editorial staff

    Dr. Mohammad Karamudini is the current editor in chief. He studied biology and social sciences, and worked as biology teacher, biology curriculum developer, science journalist and science writer for a time as long as 37 years. He has approximately 30 books and numerous articles and research publications. Majority of the publications are in Persian, while only 2 of them are in English.

    Dr. Alireza Sari is an editor. He studied zoology in UK, and is an assistant professor of zoology in Tehran University.

    Dr. Shahryar Gharibzadeh is an editor. He studied medicine and human physiology in Tehran University. He is a science journalist and an assistant professor in Amirkabir University, Tehran.

    Dr. Abbas Akhavan-Sepahi is an editor. He studied microbiology and is a science journalist and an assistant professor of microbiology in Azad University, Tehran.

    Ali Ale-Mohammad is an editor. He studied human genetics and writer and/or translator of multiple science and/or science educational publications.

    Elaheh Alavi is the magazine’s executive director and also an editor. He studied plant biology and is translator of multiple publications on biology education.

    Dr. Hossein Lari-Yazdi is an editor, assistant professor of Plant Biology in Azad Islamic University.

    Nezam Jalilian is an editor, a Master in Biochemistry, and Biology teacher in Khoozestan Province.


    Roshd Biological Education started in 1985 together with many other magazines in other science and art. The first editor was Dr. Nouri-Dalooi, the second editor was Mr. Hossein Daneshfar and the third and present editor is Dr. Mohammad KARAMUDINI. The 87th issue is published in summer 2012.


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