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Country  Italy
Province / Metropolitan city  Vicenza (VI)
Demonym(s)  Rosatesi
Province  Province of Vicenza
Postal code  36027
Dialling code  0424
Region  Veneto
Elevation  97 m (318 ft)
Area  24 km²
Patron saint  Sant'Antonio Abate
Local time  Thursday 4:55 AM
Frazioni  Cusinati, San Pietro, Sant'Anna, Travettore
Weather  12°C, Wind NE at 6 km/h, 90% Humidity

Rosà is a town of 14.328 inhabitants in the province of Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. The name come from the roses which grew in great number along the irrigation channels in the area. The municipality has got 4 hamlets (Travettore, Sant'Anna, San Pietro, Cusinati). Rosà is officially European Town of Sport 2011.


Map of 36027 Ros%C3%A0, Province of Vicenza, Italy


In the hamlet of San Pietro some Roman ashes have been found so we can suppose that there was a Roman village in this area. During the Migration Period the region was invaded by Quadi, Marcomanni, Sarmatians, Alemanni, Visigoths, Svevi, Alani, Unni, Lombards, Franks and Hungarians. The town of Rosà was officially born in 1533 during the rule of the Republic of Venice. After the Napoleonic invasion the whole region was sold to Austria-Hungary (with the neighboring Lombardy to form the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia) within which remained until 1866 when with the Third Italian War of Independence it became part of Italy. Rosà was very close to the front during the First World War. After the Second World War Rosà became part of the Italian Republic.

Administrative subdivisions

The municipal statute of Rosà, recognizes Sant'Anna, Travettore, Cusinati and San Pietro as frazioni. Such as Siena, Rosà is further historically divided into quartieri.


  • Travettore
  • Sant'Anna
  • Cusinati
  • San Pietro
  • Quartieri

    Rosà is actually divided into 11 quartieri, with a president and social colors.
    Every year these quartieri challenge in 2 tournament of amateur football and the Palio delle Rose.
    These are the quartieri:

  • Borgo Tocchi
  • Ca' Dolfin
  • Ca' Minotto
  • Carpellina
  • Cremona
  • Lunardon
  • Nuovo
  • Oratorio
  • Sant'Antonio
  • Seminarietto
  • Tigli-Matteotti
  • Road

    Rosà is crossed by:

  • SS 47 Valsugana which joins Padua to Trento
  • SR 245 Castellana which joins Rosà to Mestre
  • SP 58 which joins Rosàto Nove
  • Railways

    Rosà has got a railway station on the Padua - Bassano line.


    The municipality is located on the bus line Bassano del Grappa - Padova and on the Bassano del Grappa - Rossano Veneto line.

    Bicycle path

    The city center is joined with the frazioni and the neighbouring municipalities of Bassano del Grappa, Rossano Veneto and Cartigliano by 21 km of bicycle path.


    The nearest international airports are Venice Marco Polo Airport and Treviso Airport.

    International relations

    Rosà is twinned with:

  • Schallstadt, Germany, since 1991
  • La Crau, France, since 2006
  • References

    Rosà Wikipedia

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