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Romulo Royo

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Name  Romulo Royo
Romulo Royo Gallery Romulo Royo
Books  Malefic Time: Codex Apocalypse, Malefic Time 1: Apocalypse

Luis royo y romulo royo presentan malefic time soum

Romulo Royo is a contemporary artist, born in 1976 in Zaragoza (Spain).


He produced paintings, books, sculptures, photographs, drawings and video installations. His works have a connection with fetishism, sado and fantasy genre. He brings us the current science fiction theme to the world of painting. He is driven by universes that transport us to other worlds and timeless spaces out of everyday reality to dive into the most enigmatic places, the structure of his painting is primary and resounding.

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Luis y romulo royo pintando en directo con avalanch live madrid 03 03 2012


Romulo Royo Luis y Romulo Royo presentan 39Malefic Time39 un ambicioso

After studying at the School of Arts and Graphic Design and Illustration, and also later History at the Faculty of Philosophy that he left to make an artistic group, Group 3, based on performances and releases with dadaist theme. His early influences come from H.R. Giger, Anselm Kiefer or Jodorowsky.

In the beginning, from 1995 to 1999 he makes illustrations for Norma Editorial. His work is published internationally in form of covers for novels and comic books of publishers Eura Editoriale (Italy), Rad Moskbay (Russia), Bastei (Germany).

In 2000 Romulo Royo began his career in painting, exhibiting his work in museums such as Pablo Serrano Museum, Provincial Museum of Huesca and Provincial Museum of Teruel. Exhibits at the Meta Project that has a large circuit through Valencia (Spain), A Coruna (Spain) Verona, Milan (Italy), Frankfurt (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan). His works began to be published in various magazines and newspapers.

From this moment his work is exhibited in major private galleries, foundations, museums and international exhibitions, as Art Forum Berlin, FIAC ("Foire internationale d'art contemporain"), Art Basel Miami, Los Angeles Art Show and ARCO Madrid among others.

Performs some of his best-known series like Siamese, Blackened Times or Metal-Piel formed by paintings, sculptures, installations and technological medium. Which are exposed in the Metelkova Museum, Can Framis Museum, XXV Biennale of Alexandria at the Museum of Alexandria, the Maeztu Museum of Estella, The 4th Biennial of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Metelkova National Museum of Slovenia, Centre d'Art Santa Monica …

The joint work of Romulo Royo with Luis Royo has its origins back in 1994 when they work together in the Malefic universe. In the following years their works part away, they develop their activity independently in different studies and cities. In 2006 he collaborated with Luis Royo and undertook a trip to Moscow, where their art would be captured on dome Medvedev of 24 meters in diameter. The whole process of this work is published in the book Dome.

In 2008 he worked once again with Luis Royo for large format paintings that were collected in the book Dead Moon, which comes later in 2010 published in a book entitled "the day will come" in Spectrum XVIII, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Their collaboration was solidified and the rest of the creations as Demons and especially the complex multimedia project Malefic Time is performed said by said.

They treat an apocalyptic world where a civilization decimated in inhabitants, decrepit and crumbling, struggle to survive through the confrontation of Annunakis to fight in a final battle. At the heart of this deadly scenario: Luz, her sword Malefic and her many questions are the protagonist of the story.

The project brings several books with paintings, illustrations and scripts of international circulation, the book Malefic Time, Apocalypse is presented in the Barcelona Comic Fair published by Norma Editorial. Later the book will also be edited by Bragelonne (France), Rizzoli Lizard (Italy), Cross Cult (Germany) ... and presented in other fairs like the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Guadalajara International Book Fair.

Other formats that the project reaches to are the Apocalypse Codex novel written by Jesus Vilches, manga Soum by Kenny Ruiz and the rock band Avalanch that composed an album of characters and sequences of the universe Malefic Time. Together they have performed international tours and live painting performances. Other products have been launched to the world marked focusing on his art and other merchandising products such as calendars, sculptures and tarot cards.

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