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Romans (film)

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Language  Malayalam
Director  Boban Samuel
Country  India
Romans (film) movie poster
Release date  17 January 2013 (2013-01-17)

A Roman or Romans is a thing or person of or from the city of Rome.


Roman or Romans may also refer to:


  • History of Rome
  • Ancient Rome (9th century BC – 5th century AD)
  • Roman Kingdom (753 BC to 509 BC)
  • Roman Republic (509 BC to 27 BC)
  • Roman Empire (27 BC to 476/1453 AD)
  • Roman Britain, part of the island of Great Britain controlled by the Roman Empire between AD 43 and about 410
  • Ancient Roman cuisine
  • Ancient Roman sarcophagi
  • Roman alphabet or Latin alphabet
  • Roman architecture
  • Roman army
  • Roman calendar
  • Roman numerals
  • Roman currency
  • Roman economy
  • Roman finance
  • Roman funerary practices
  • Roman law, the legal system of both the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire
  • Roman mosaic, a tiled mural or floor from the Roman period, using tesserae, or miniature square tiles
  • Roman mythology
  • Roman navy
  • Roman roads
  • Roman temple
  • Roman villa, a high status country house of the Roman period
  • Byzantine Empire (330/476/629 to 1453), a Late Antiquity and medieval continuation of the Greek-speaking portion of the Roman Empire
  • Romaioi (Ρωμαίοι), Greek-speaking, Orthodox population of the Eastern Roman Empire dating to Late Antiquity (the term translates literally to "Roman")
  • Romioi (Ρωμιοί), Greek-speaking, Orthodox population of the Rum-milet in the Ottoman Empire, or Greek-speaking Orthodox people today (the term translates literally to "Roman")
  • Romanae or the Greco-Romans from Aetolia Acarnania that speak Romanesci
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Places

  • Roman, Bulgaria, a town and a municipality in Vratsa Province
  • Roman, Eure, France, a commune
  • Roman Municipality, Bulgaria
  • Roman, Romania, a city in Neamţ county
  • Roman County, a former county in Romania
  • Roman Valley, Nova Scotia
  • Romans, Ain, a town in France
  • Romans, Deux-Sèvres, France, a commune
  • Romans d'Isonzo, a town in Italy
  • Roman, Sakha Republic, Russia, a rural locality
  • Romans-sur-Isère, in the Drôme département of France
  • Saint Roman, Monaco
  • People

  • Roman (given name), a given name, includes a list of people and fictional characters
  • Roman (surname), a list of people surnamed either Roman or Romans
  • Religion

  • Epistle to the Romans, a letter in the New Testament of the Christian Bible
  • Ar-Rum, the 30th book in the Qu'ran, sometimes translated as The Romans
  • Rûm
  • Roman religion (disambiguation)
  • Roman Catholic
  • Roman Catholic (term)
  • Music

  • Romans (group), a Japanese pop group
  • Roman (album), by the Japanese musical group Sound Horizon
  • Roman (EP), by the South Korean boy band Teen Top
  • "Roman (My Dear Boy)", a song by the Japanese pop group Morning Musume
  • Film

  • Roman (film), a 2006 American suspense-horror film
  • Romans (2013 film), a 2013 Indian Malayalam comedy film
  • Romans (2017 film)
  • Other

  • "The Romans" (Doctor Who), an episode of the BBC production Doctor Who
  • Romans, a race in the Heroscape Universe
  • Other uses

  • Roman script, a synonym for Latin script, the standard script of the English and many other languages
  • Roman type, an upright typeface style, contrasted to italic
  • Roman (vehicle manufacturer), a Romanian truck manufacturer
  • Roman candle (firework)
  • References

    Roman Wikipedia