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Romanian Baccalaureate

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The Bacalaureat (or bac for short) is an exam held in Romania and Moldova when one graduates high school (Romanian: liceu).



Unlike the French Baccalaureate, the Romanian one has a single degree. The subjects (except subject A) depend on the profile studied (Romanian: profil de studiu): mathematics and computer science (Romanian: matematică-informatică), philology (Romanian: filologie), natural sciences (Romanian: științe ale naturii), social sciences (Romanian: științe sociale), or various other vocational tracks (Romanian: filiera vocaţională), and the candidate's choice.

The Hungarian minority living in Romania and taking baccalaureate examination translate Bacalaureat into Érettségi, which means maturity, like the Spanish Matura. Diploma de Bacalaureat is translated into Érettségi Diploma.

The marking scale is between 1 and 10. In order to pass, students must obtain at least 5.00 in every subject with a minimum 6.00 overall.


Moldavian Bacalaureat consists of four exams. Pupils from schools with other than Moldavian language of instruction must take one supplementary exam in their native language and literature.

Exams usually take place in June. All of them a written and each is graded separately.

Also students must choose one more subject taught in school. The majority prefers writing Geography or Chemistry.


The baccalaureate has up to 5 modules, each one graded separately. Module E, the written examination, is the one considered for admission to higher education.

Competence exams

A, B and D are marked with: Beginner, Average, Advanced and Experienced.

A: Romanian language - oral examination. B: Maternal Language - if different from Romanian, and if studied; oral examination. C: foreign language - oral and written examination; graded on the CEFR scale, from A1 to B2. D: computer skills.

Written exams

Each exam takes three hours.

E)a): Romanian Language and Literature. E)b): Maternal Language and Literature - if different from Romanian, and if studied. E)c): compulsory subject (of the profile). E)d): subject to be chosen (of the profile).


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