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Romance of the Three Kingdoms (TV series)

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Theme music composer  Gu Jianfen
Final episode date  20 February 1995
8.6/10 IMDb

First episode date  23 October 1994
Number of episodes  84
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (TV series) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen339Rom
Written by  Original story: Luo Guanzhong Screenwriters: Du Jiafu Li Yibo Zhou Kai Zhu Xiaoping Ye Shisheng Liu Shusheng
Directed by  Wang Fulin Zhang Shaolin Shen Haofang Sun Guangming Zhang Zhongyi Cai Xiaoqing
Starring  Sun Yanjun Tang Guoqiang Bao Guo'an Wu Xiaodong Lu Shuming Li Jingfei
Opening theme  Gungun Changjiang Dongshishui (滚滚长江东逝水) performed by Yang Hongji
Ending theme  Lishi De Tiankong (历史的天空) performed by Mao Amin
Networks  SCTV, China Central Television
Genres  Drama, Historical Fiction, Wuxia
Awards  Golden Disk Award Golden Video Foreign Video Award
Similar  Three Kingdoms, Palace of Desire, The Water Margin, Yongzheng Dynasty, Cao Cao

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a Chinese television series adapted from the classical novel of the same title by Luo Guanzhong. The series was produced by China Central Television (CCTV) and was first aired on the network in 1994. It spanned a total of 84 episodes, each approximately 45 minutes long. One of the most expensive television series produced at the time, the project was completed over four years and involved 400,000 cast and crew members, including divisions of the People's Liberation Army from the Beijing, Nanjing and Chengdu military regions. Some of the dialogues spoken by characters were adapted directly from the novel. Extensive battle scenes, such as the battles of Guandu, Red Cliffs and Xiaoting, were also live-acted.


Introduction to romance of the three kingdoms

List of episodes

The series is divided into five parts and each part has a different executive producer and director(s).

Part One

  • Title: 第一部:群雄逐鹿 (Part One: Heroes compete for power)
  • Executive producer: You Shijun
  • Director(s): Shen Haofang, Cai Xiaoqing
  • Part Two

  • Title: 第二部:赤壁鏖战 (Part Two: The Battle of Red Cliffs)
  • Executive producer: Zhang Guangqian
  • Director: Cai Xiaoqing
  • Part Three

  • Title: 第三部:三国鼎立 (Part Three: Emergence of the Three Kingdoms)
  • Executive producer: Shan Yusheng
  • Director: Sun Guangming
  • Part Four

  • Title: 第四部:南征北战 (Part Four: Battles in the south and north)
  • Executive producer: Zhang Jizhong
  • Director: Zhang Shaolin
  • Part Five

  • Title: 第五部:三分归一 (Part Five: Three united as one)
  • Executive producer: Hao Hengmin
  • Director: Zhang Zhongyi
  • Cast

    Due to the time taken to complete the project (four years), there were numerous instances of (1) multiple actors playing the same character or (2) the same actor taking on multiple roles. An example of case (1) is the character Zhang Liao, who is portrayed by Xu Shaohua in episode 12, Zhang Yakun in episode 39, and Wang Weiguo in episode 54. Chen Zhihui is an extreme example of case (2) because he played a total of four roles – three as generals from Wei, Shu and Wu (Xu Chu, Liao Hua and Taishi Ci) and one as minor warlord Bao Xin. Two other prominent examples of case (2) Wu Xiaodong and Hong Yuzhou – Wu portrayed Sun Jian in episode 5 and Sun Quan from episode 30 onwards; Hong played a young Yuan Shao in episode 5 and Zhou Yu from episode 9 onwards.

    Other cast

    Sorted by role in alphabetical order


    The music for the series was composed by Gu Jianfen (谷建芬) and Li Yiding (李一丁).


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