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Romance in Mekong River

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Country  Thailand
Language  Cantonesee
Romance in Mekong River movie scenes A fourth wall breaking experimental film from Apichatpong Weerasethakul Mekong Hotel has a few thoughtful and resonant moments but is ultimately flat

Release date  10 October 1933 (1933-10-10) (Bangkok)

Romance in Mekong River (also known as "Honor Redeemed" or "Love Redeemed" in Hong Kong; Chinese: 湄江情浪) is a 1933, 2 hours romance musical film made by a group of Chinese overseas in Bangkok formed Siam United Film Studio, Thailand, directed by a USA Hollywood director with Western Electric Company's Movietone sound system in Cantonese dialect. The film premiered in Thailand cinemas on 10 October 1933, in Hong Kong cinemas on 17 December 1933, and in Singapore cinemas on 8 December 1934.



A Chinese youth Cheung Hai Keung (Yuen Siu Kit 元少傑) married with a lustful wife Ng Chu Lau (Lee Lai 李麗), finally get divorced from her, she and her adulterer Lau Kwai Sung then slander Cheung Hai Keung as Chinese Communist, forcing him use a pseudonym as Lee Cheung Seng (李章生), escape to Bangkok. When he arrive in Bangkok, he was hurt by rice bags collapse beside Tai Fung Rice Mill (大豐碾米廠), so meet the boss Chan, get a job here, and fall in love with his daughter Chan Sik Fa (Wu Siu Kwan 胡少君).

Chinese Communist Party starts the civil war, Lau Kwai Sung to Bangkok too, but Cheung Hai Keung did not know he is evil, let him work together in Tai Fung Rice Mill, so that let him a chance to cheat money and alienate their love.

Accidentally, Ng Chu Lau escape to Bangkok too, everyone know the fact now, Cheung Hai Keung angrily shot her, and Lau Kwai Sung eat a poison pill. Cheung Hai Keung get married again with Chan Sik Fa.


  • Yuen Siu-Kit (元少傑) – Cheung Hai-Keung (張克強), an honest Chinese youth;
  • Woo Siu-Kwan (胡少君) – Chan Sik-Fa (陳惜花), the daughter of Tai Fung Rice Mill's boss;
  • Lee Lai-Lin (李麗蓮) – Ng Chu Lau (吳翠柳), a lustful woman.
  • Undefined – Lau Kwai-Sung (劉貴崇), an evil playboy.
  • Lily Wu (伍莉莉);
  • Lam Wai Fong (林蕙芳);
  • Purple Jasmine (紫素馨);
  • White Coral (白珊瑚).
  • Film premieres

    1. Thailand: 10 October 1933
    2. Hong Kong: 16 December 1933, (Saturday) to 19 December 1933 (Tuesday), three days, at Central Theatre (中央戲院);
    3. Singapore: 6 December 1934 (Thursday) to unknown, at China Theatre (中國有聲戲院) and Shanghai Theatre (上海大劇院);
    4. Penang: 14 December 1934 (Friday) to 17 December 1934 (Monday), four days, at Royal Theatre (露野有聲戲院).

    Film theme hits

    The film features three Cantonese film theme hits:

    1. "Who Can Amuse Me?" (誰能遣此);
    2. "Damsel Yearn for Love" (未免有情);
    3. "Wolves from East Sea" (東海狼).


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