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Roman Catholic Diocese of Kengtung

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Metropolitan  Taunggyi
Sui iuris church  Latin Church
Area  45,856 km²
Denomination  Roman Catholic
Rite  Roman Rite
Country  Myanmar (Burma)
Population - Total - Catholics  (as of 2006) 1,028,000 58,000 (5.6%)
Established  27 April 1927 (As Prefecture Apostolic of Kengtung) 26 May 1950 (As Vicariate Apostolic of Kengtung) 1 January 1955 (As Diocese of Kengtung)
Address  Keng Tung, Myanmar (Burma)
Ecclesiastical province  Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Taunggyi

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kengtung (Lat: Diocesis Kengtunghensis) is a diocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church in Burma.

Erected in 1927 as the Apostolic Prefecture of Kengtung, the prefecture was created from territory in the Apostolic Vicariate of Eastern Burma.

In 1950, the Prefecture was elevated to an apostolic vicariate. In 1955, the vicariate was elevated to a full diocese and became suffragan to the Archdiocese of Taunggyi.

With the increases in the Catholic population, in 1975 the apostolic prefecture of Lashio was split off from the diocese of Kengtung, eventually expanding to the Diocese of Lashio.

The current bishop is Peter Louis Cakü, appointed in 2001.


  • Erminio Bonetta, P.I.M.E. † (21 Jun 1927 Appointed - 1949 Died)
  • Ferdinand Guercilena, P.I.M.E. † (31 May 1950 Appointed - 6 May 1973 Died)
  • Abraham Than (19 Sep 1972 Appointed - 2 Oct 2001 Resigned)
  • Peter Louis Cakü (2 Oct 2001 Appointed - )
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