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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Benevento

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Ecclesiastical province  Benevento
Denomination  Catholic Church
Established  1st Century
Country  Italy
Emeritus bishop  Serafino Sprovieri
Parishes  117
Rite  Roman Rite
Area  1,691 km²
Archbishop  Felice Accrocca
Secular priests  216

Population - Total - Catholics  (as of 2012) 272,000 270,000 (99.3%)
Cathedral  Benevento Cathedral (Benevento)

The Italian Catholic Archdiocese of Benevento (Latin: Archidioecesis Beneventana) has a long history; it now has as suffragan dioceses the diocese of Ariano Irpino-Lacedonia, the diocese of Avellino, the diocese of Cerreto Sannita-Telese-Sant'Agata de' Goti, the Territorial Abbey of Montevergine, and the archdiocese of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi-Conza-Nusco-Bisaccia.



The Roman Catholic Diocese of Benevento was founded in the first century. During the persecution of Diocletian we find mentioned a bishop of this city Januarius who together with Proculus his deacon and two laymen was imprisoned and beheaded at Pozzuoli in 305. The see of Benevento was elevated in status to an archdiocese on 26 May 969. The cathedral of Maria SS. Assunta in Cielo was founded in Lombard times, but was destroyed by Allied bombings in World War II; it has kept the medieval Romanesque façade and bell tower, and the 8th century crypt.


  • Januarius I (until 305)
  • Theophilus (313)
  • Januarius II (343)
  • Emilius (405)
  • Marcianus (533)
  • Barbatus I (602)
  • Hildebrand (until 663)
  • Barbatus II (663–682)
  • Beatus Joannes (684–716)
  • Toto (until 743)
  • Monoald (743)
  • Ursus (830)
  • Petrus I (887)
  • Joannes I (910–914)
  • Joannes II (943–956)
  • Auxiliary bishops

  • Luis Suárez (bishop) (1539-1554)
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