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Rolls Royce Trent 7000

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The Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 is the seventh iteration of the Trent family of large turbofan jet engine and is the exclusive engine for the Airbus A330neo. The Trent 7000 is based on the Trent 1000-TEN architecture from the Boeing 787 and the technology of the Trent XWB of the Airbus A350XWB. It succeeds the Trent 700 used for the Airbus A330.



Compared to the 20-year-older Trent 700, which was introduced in 1995, the larger fan, 112 inches (2.8 m) compared to 97 inches (2.5 m), associated with a smaller fan hub doubles the bypass ratio from 5 to 10. The overall pressure ratio increases from 36 to 50 thanks to Trent XWB core compressor technology, improving thermal efficiency. It implies 200-kelvin higher internal temperatures, handled by thermally coated high-pressure turbine blades, not needing more expensive ceramic matrix composites, which will be used in 2020 with the next Rolls-Royce engine generation. The larger fan and higher bypass ratio need a low-pressure turbine with two more stages; the engine will be 3,500 pounds (1,600 kg) heavier.

Even with the additional weight and drag from wider diameter, fuel consumption will improve by 11%. Using bleed air instead of generating electrical power as in the 787's Trent 1000, the less loaded IP accessory drive enables the high-pressure compressor to maintain stability at low power settings, improving low-speed fuel consumption for short-haul operations. The engine will feature state of the art Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC) and Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) systems, and active turbine clearance control providing the optimal level of cooling air for different phases of flight.

Although the first two test engines will be made in Derby, further test engines and production Trent 7000 will be assembled in Rolls-Royce Singapore facility.


Data from "Trent 7000". Rolls-Royce Holdings. 

General characteristics

  • Type: Three-shaft turbofan jet engine
  • Length:
  • Diameter: 112 in (284 cm) fan, 20 blades
  • Dry weight: 3,500 pounds (1,600 kg) more than the 6,160 kg (13,580 lb) Trent 700 (~17,080 lb (7,750 kg))
  • Components

  • Compressor: axial, 8 stages IP, 6 stages HP
  • Turbine: axial, 1 stage HP, 1 stage IP, 6 stages LP
  • Performance

  • Maximum thrust: 68,000–72,000 lbf (302–320 kN)
  • Overall pressure ratio: 50:1
  • Bypass ratio: 10
  • Fuel consumption: -10% against current today’s Trent 700
  • Power-to-weight ratio:
  • References

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