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Rocky The Rebel

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Language  Hindi
Director  Suresh Krissna
Country  India
Release date  22 September 2006

Rocky – The Rebel is an Bollywood action film, directed by Suresh Krisna. The film stars Zayed Khan, Isha Sharvani and Minissha Lamba in the lead roles. It is a remake of Telugu film Raghavendra.



Rocky (Zayed Khan) is a man who lives in Mumbai with his parents. Rockys weakness is that he is very hot-tempered, unruly and ruffian. He very often gets into fights for injustice. One day he gets into a fight with a man who works for a criminal named Anthony (Rajat Bedi) and beats him up. Anthony warns him not to cross paths with him. One day while rocky is with his girlfriend Neha (Isha Sharvani), he sends Anthonys brother to the hospital. When Anthony finds out, he confronts Rocky and Neha and kills Neha. He mocks at Rocky. An angered Rocky loses control of himself, making his family turn him away. Anthony threatens Rockys family to leave Mumbai. The family along with Rocky eventually moves to London. There Rocky try to forget his past life. His father lied to him that Anthony has been sentenced to death by the court. Three months later, Rockys friend, Vikram Singh, visits to inform them of the progress of the criminal prosecution of Anthony. There Priya (Minnisha Lamba), a tour guide and Rockys friend, is molested by some people. When she shouted to Rocky for help, he unlike before, took a conservative path and walks away with her without even reporting in police and she complaints Rocky to be a coward, Vikram tells Priya the truth about Rocky. The way he was living, why hes always quiet. Thereby Vikram tells him that Anthony has escaped the trial by killing both the eyewitnesses. On hearing this Rocky felt shattered and wants to get revenge. Later on Rocky travels back to India, along with his parents. Anthony comes to know that Rocky has returned to Mumbai. He then pays a visit to his home where he encounter Rockys Dad. His Dad tells him to meet Rocky at the same spot where he had killed Neha several months ago. The movie ends on Rocky beating up Anthony badly.


  • Zayed Khan ... Rocky
  • Isha Sharwani ... Neha
  • Rajat Bedi ... Anthony
  • Minissha Lamba ... Priya
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