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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Faboideae
Higher classification  Faboideae
Order  Fabales
Family  Fabaceae
Scientific name  Robinieae
Rank  Tribe
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Similar  Legumes, Faboideae, Desmodieae, Loteae, Indigofereae

The tribe Robinieae is one of the subdivisions of the plant family Fabaceae.

The following genera are recognized by the USDA:

  • Coursetia DC. 1825
  • Genistidium I. M. Johnst. 1941
  • Gliricidia Kunth 1823
  • Hebestigma Urb. 1900
  • Lennea Klotzsch 1842
  • Olneya A. Gray 1855
  • Peteria A. Gray 1852
  • Poissonia Baill. 1870
  • Poitea Vent. 1807
  • Robinia L. 1753
  • Sphinctospermum Rose 1906
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