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Rob Moir

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Rob Moir


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Rob Moir is a professor of economics and social activist from Clifton Royal, New Brunswick, Canada.


In 2008, he was a candidate for the New Democratic Party in the riding of Fundy Royal, and finished second with 23.7% of the vote. He currently serves on the University of New Brunswick Saint John Senate and is a member of several Senate committees. He is the President of the Atlantic Canada Economics Association, and a member of the American Economic Association, the Economic Science Association and the International Association for the Study of Common Property.

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Research focus

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Moir earned his Bachelor of Arts and Science (1986–90) from McMaster University before pursuing his Masters of Economics (1990–91) at Queen's University. For his doctoral studies in Economics, Moir returned to McMaster to examine Econometrics and Development, with a specialty in Experimental Economics. He earned his PhD in Economics in 1996.

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Moir's research focuses on human behaviour in environments where competition and cooperation clash, such as donations to charities, the funding of public goods, and our use of common-pool resources (e.g., water, air, forests, and the fisheries). In these situations, Moir contends that while self-interest leads to free riding, cooperation can enhance welfare. Behaviourally, he argues that people are less competitive than theory would predict, but not cooperative enough to be socially efficient.

Moir's continued research concentrates upon policies and institutions which enhance cooperation and improve economic welfare. This work naturally extends to environmental issues, reduction of domestic and global poverty, and community economic development.

Political positions and issues

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Moir has been an outspoken proponent of improved local usage and of New Brunswick's natural resources. He ran as a candidate for the first time in the 2006 election, and finished third, garnering 21% of the vote. In that campaign he gathered extensive media attention, in particular for his advocacy of an "Energy Park" concept in the Sussex area. This concept involved using a portion of the known natural gas deposits that exist in the area for local economic benefit and environmental improvement, as opposed to the exclusively private benefits seen from export. During the 2006 campaign, he was also praised in a national CBC article for his environmental consciousness, as he carpooled to the debates and election functions with another candidate.

Dr. Moir continued his activism after the 2006 campaign, presenting as an Intervenor at National Energy Board hearings against the proposed Irving Oil/Emera Liquified Natural Gas pipeline route through populated areas of Saint John. His work on this issue with the Friends of Rockwood Park earned the group a letter of support from NDP leader Jack Layton.

During the September 2006 New Brunswick election, Moir appeared as an NDP analyst for Rogers Television and radio coverage.

In February 2007, he was again nominated as the candidate for the New Democratic Party in Fundy Royal due to the minority government situation.


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