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Rituals (TV series)

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Written by
Ray Goldstone

Original language(s)

First episode date
10 September 1984

Broadcast syndication


Country of origin
United States

No. of seasons

Final episode date
6 September 1985

Created by
Gene PalumboKen CordayCharlene Keel


Rituals is an American soap opera that aired in syndication through Telepictures from September 10, 1984 to September 6, 1985. Created by Gene Palumbo, Ken Corday and Charlene Keel (she wrote a novel also called Rituals, but the show was loosely based on the novel), 260 25-minute episodes were produced.


The series later aired in France from 1989 to 1990 under the name La Ligne de Chance.

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The show took place in the fictional Virginia town of Wingfield. The community was the home of Wingfield Mills and Chapin Industries, the town's leading employers. Also located in Wingfield was a boarding school for girls called Haddon Hall. The story focused on the Chapin, Gallagher and Robertson families and the people who were connected with them either socially or professionally.

The story began with the death of Chapin family matriarch Katherine, and while everyone mourned her, her long-absent daughter, Taylor (Jo Ann Pflug; Tina Louise), stepped off a helicopter holding a racehorse's victory wreath. Katherine's will was read, setting off a round of battles and squabbles over the will.

Much of the focus of the show was set at Haddon Hall, which was run by president Carter Robertson, who didn't much like the Chapin family. Even when he was discovered to be Patrick Chapin's illegitimate son, he didn't change his views on the family. He was married to Christina Robertson, whose sister, Sara, was married to sleazy Eddie Gallagher, a working-class man, who was shot and killed in self-defense by his daughter, Haddon Hall student Noel, for years of physical and sexual abuse. (This was the result of an on-air contest to discover the victim, the killer, and the motive.)

The series ended its syndicated run in 1985.

The Robertsons

  • Carter Robertson (Monte Markham) Husband of Christina and Headmaster of girls school, Haddon Hall. He is the illegitimate son of Patrick Chapin. Was accidentally shot by his wife, Christina, and used a wheelchair for mobility.
  • Christina Robertson (Christine Jones) Wife of Carter and sister of Sara Gallagher. She accidentally shot her husband, and devoted her life to taking care of him.
  • The Chapins

  • Patrick Chapin (Dennis Patrick) Head of the Chapin family. Head of Wingfield Mills and Chapin Industries, as well as one of the wealthiest people in Wingfield. He is the father of Brady, Taylor and Carter Robertson, and the grandfather of Julia Field. The funeral of his wife, Katherine, was the opening scene of the show which eventually sets in motion most of the plotlines. He eventually died himself.
  • Brady Chapin (Marc Poppel in 1984, Jon Lindstrom from 1984–1985) Son of Patrick, brother of Taylor, and half-brother of Carter Robertson. He is an irresponsible playboy.
  • Taylor Chapin Field von Platen (Jo Ann Pflug in 1984, Tina Louise from 1984–1985) Daughter of Patrick, sister of Brady, and half-sister of Carter Robertson. She was once married to C.J. Field, with whom she procreated Julia. Taylor is resented by her daughter. She made her first appearance at her mother's funeral stepping off a helicopter with a race horse's victory wreath. She is also involved with Logan Williams.
  • C.J. Field (Peter Haskell) Wealthy former husband of Taylor Chapin and father of Julia, with whom he lives.
  • Julia Field (Andrea Moar) Daughter of Taylor Chapin and C.J. Field. She resents her absentee mother, Taylor, which prompts her to have a closer relationship with her father.
  • The Gallaghers

  • Eddie Gallagher (Greg Mullavey) Husband of Sara, and father of Jeff and Noel Gallagher. He is the brother of Tom and Mike. Eddie owns a diner. He is murdered in self-defense by his daughter, Noel, for physically and sexually abusing her.
  • Tom Gallagher (Kevin Spirtas) Brother of Mike and Eddie. Husband of Diandra Santiago.
  • Mike Gallagher (Kin Shriner) Brother of Tom and Eddie. Husband of Lacey Jarrett.
  • Diandra Santiago Gallagher (Gina Gallego) Wife of Tom Gallagher. She is the daughter of a former Latin-American politician, Enrique Santiago.
  • Lacey Jarrett Gallagher (Philece Sampler) Wife of Mike Gallagher. She is a physical education teacher at Haddon Hall.
  • Sara Gallagher (Lorrine Vozoff in 1984, Laurie Burton from 1984–1985) Wife of Eddie Gallagher, and mother of Jeff and Noel. She is the sister of wealthier Christina Robertson, and tends to be kinder and more down-to-earth than her sister.
  • Noel Gallagher (Karen Kelly) Daughter of Eddie and Sara Gallagher, and sister of Jeff. She is a student at Haddon Hall. She killed her physically and sexually abusive father in self-defense.
  • Jeff Gallagher (Tim Maier) Son of Eddie and Sara, and brother of Noel.
  • The Washingtons

  • Maddie Washington (Ketty Lester and Lynn Hamilton) The Chapin family housekeeper, and mother of Lucky.
  • Lucky Washington (Randy Brooks in 1984, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs from 1984–1985) Son of Maddie Washington.
  • The Lanes

  • Dakota "Koty" Lane (Claire Yarlett in 1984, Mary Beth Evans from 1984–1985) An actress, daughter of Cherry Lane.
  • Cherry Lane' (Sharon Farrell) Mother of Dakota Lane.
  • Other characters

  • Logan Williams (George Lazenby) An author, and paramour of Taylor Chapin.
  • Marissa Mallory (Patti Davis in 1984, Janice Heiden from 1984–1985) A very manipulative woman, who was the show's primary villainess, aside from Taylor Chapin and Christina Robertson.
  • Bernhardt Kraus (Cameron Smith) A young man who married Haddon Hall student Patty DuPunt.
  • Michelle Davenport (Kelly Bennett) A student at Haddon Hall and friends with Noel Gallagher.
  • Lisa Thompson (Wesley Ann Pfenning) A student at Haddon Hall and friends with Noel Gallagher.
  • Patty DuPunt (Winifred Freedman) A student at Haddon Hall and friends with Noel Gallagher. She married Bernhardt Kraus.
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