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Rika Nishimura

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Name  Rika Nishimura
Rika Nishimura wearing a red hat and white uniform.

Similar  Reon Kadena, Yukie Kawamura, Kie Kitano

Nationality  Japanese

Ethnicity  Asian

Eye color   Black

Occupation  Model

Born  1981 (age 41)

Rika Nishimura (西村理香, Nishimura Rika) is a Japanese nude gravure idol born 1981, photographed by Rikitake Yasushi (力武靖).


Beginning in 1994 (at age 13), through 1999, she released nude photobooks and videos, among which were two volumes of the photobook series Friends by Rikitake Yasushi. The year 2004 saw the reprinting of "Pretty Girl of Legend - Rika Nishimura" in May and, in December, the release of a DVD compilation entitled "Rika, 22 years old - A goddess reincarnated".


  • Before Waking Up (1994) (「目覚める前に」)
  • FRIENDS IV (1996) (「よりみち」)
  • FRIENDS V (1996) (「6人の天使たち」)
  • Six Years 11.12 (1998) (「シックスイヤ-ス」11歳12歳)
  • Six Years 13.14 (1998) (「シックスイヤ-ス」13歳14歳)
  • Six Years 15.16 (1998) (「シックスイヤ-ス」15歳16歳)
  • Last Christmas (1999) (「ラストクリスマス」)
  • Pretty Girl of Legend - Rika Nishimura (2004) (「伝説な美少女西村理香」)
  • DVD

  • Rika, 22 years old - A goddess reincarnated (2004) (「理香22歳 女神転生」)
  • In the novel Welcome to the NHK by Tatsuhiko Takimoto, Nishimura is referred to as Satou's "favourite" at one point in the series. This was after his friend, Yamazaki, loaned him hundreds of discs of Lolicon photobooks as a "reference point" for their Bishoujo game they were to create together.

    Rika Nishimura wearing white tops, blue jeans, a necklace, and a bracelet with ponytail hair.


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