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Riffraff (1936 film)

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Director  J. Walter Ruben
Music director  Edward Ward
Language  English
6.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama
Country  United States
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Writer  George S. Kaufman, John Lee Mahin, Carey Wilson
Release date  January 3, 1936
Screenplay  Frances Marion, Anita Loos
Cast  Spencer Tracy (Dutch), Jean Harlow (Hattie), Una Merkel (Lil), Joseph Calleia (Nick), Victor Kilian ('Flytrap'), Mickey Rooney (Jimmy)
Similar movies  Clash by Night, Cannery Row, Tarnished
Tagline  When a red-headed woman meets a red-headed man!

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Riffraff is a 1936 American film starring Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracy. The movie was written by Frances Marion, Anita Loos, and H. W. Hannaford, and directed by J. Walter Ruben.


Riffraff (1936 film) movie scenes

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Riffraff (1936 film) movie scenes

Spencer Tracy plays a rough and tough fisherman ("Dutch" Mueller), who leads in a strike with his fellow fishery workers against the "fat-cat" owners of a tuna cannery. The love interest Hattie (Jean Harlow), is also a tuna cannery worker. Her character has a tough exterior with her "bombshell" good looks.

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Jimmie (Mickey Rooney) is a teenager who is the uncle of the two youngest children. They all live with "Pops" (Roger Imhof), Hattie and his Aunt Lil (Una Merkel) together in the same small, apartment-like "shack" on the wharf. Aunt Lil runs the home.

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The thuggish cannery owner, Nick Lewis (Joseph Calliea), is also trying to romance Hattie with his money and gifts. He has wealth, Dutch does not. Hattie falls for Dutch in the end, but this antagonism creates many struggles throughout the film. Pete (William Newell) is a family friend, along with many colorful characters.

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The movie explores some cutting edge sub-themes that were socially current at the time of its release in 1936 release. Some scenes involve a woman having a baby while in prison and a hobo camp deep in the woods.


Riffraff (1936 film) Julie Reviews Jean Harlows Riffraff 1936

  • Jean Harlow as Harriet "Hattie"/"Hat" Tuttle
  • Spencer Tracy as Rudolph "Dutch" Muller
  • Una Merkel as Lil Bundt
  • Joseph Calleia as Nick Lewis
  • Victor Kilian as "Flytrap"
  • Mickey Rooney as Jimmy Thurger
  • J. Farrell MacDonald as "Brains" McCall
  • William Newell as "Pete"
  • Roger Imhof as "Pops" Thurger
  • Juanita Quigley as Rosie Bundt
  • Paul Hurst as Red Belcher
  • Vince Barnett as "Lew", a fisherman
  • Dorothy Appleby as Gertie, a waitress
  • Judith Wood as Mabel, a waitress
  • Arthur Housman as Ratsy and Bugsy
  • Wade Boteler as Detective Bert Scanlon
  • Helene Costello as Maizie
  • Rafaela Ottiano as Matron
  • Reception

    Riffraff (1936 film) A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed The Jean Harlow Collection

    Contemporary reviews from critics were generally positive, both for the film and Harlow's new "natural" look as she donned a brunette wig over her trademark platinum locks for the role. Frank S. Nugent of The New York Times praised the moments of "robust comedy", but lamented the instances when it turned serious and a "boisterous jest skids down the slopes of melodramatic routine." Variety ran a positive review, praising the "excellent cast" and dialogue that was "vigorous and well-written." Film Daily was also positive, calling it a "lusty picture, full of action and comedy", with "fine performances" from Harlow and Tracy. The Prescott Evening Courier wrote that "Jean Harlow has never displayed her versatility to a better advantage." The Milwaukee Sentinel wrote there was "much hilarious comedy and robust action which takes away the sting of too much pathos", and that Tracy did an "excellent job." John Mosher of The New Yorker wrote a negative review, regretting that the film "leaves Miss Harlow in the background for longish and rather dreary stretches ... I'd say of the picture that there is too much tuna fish and not enough Harlow."

    Riffraff (1936 film) Julie Reviews Jean Harlows Riffraff 1936

    The film's depiction of organized labor drew some controversy. Max S. Hayes of The Cleveland Citizen attacked the film as "propaganda to prejudice the public against trade unionism."

    Box office

    According to MGM records the film earned $717,000 in the US and $330,000 elsewhere resulting in a loss of $63,000.


    Riffraff (1936 film) Wikipedia
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