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RifRaf RifRaf

1965 (age 49–50)
Hamilton, New Zealand

Known for
Painting, Murals, Sculpture, Graffiti Talent Spotlight ft. Rif Raf

RifRaf (born 1965) in Hamilton, New Zealand is an figurative artist and painter based in New Zealand, known for monumental images of large women.



During the early 1990s RifRaf reached a crisis point in life with a long period of obesity followed by a cycle of anorexia. Breaking free from this self-destructive behaviour, RifRaf produces art which glorifies the large woman.

RifRaf has drawn regularly since childhood, and still always carries a sketch book, drawing, for example, customers in cafes.

The artist states,

RifRaf's work celebrates the beauty and strength that is Woman,

Proof that she doesn't have to be a perfect size 6 to feel and be strong, self-confident, and desirable.
Happy in her voluptuousness and not afraid to flaunt it.
"This is ALL me and I love it !"


RifRaf trained in a self-guided traditional way, and can, at least in part, be considered an autodidact., and cites primary influences as prehistoric venus figurines, and Central American folk art.

RifRaf worked on design and construction of puppets for Peter Jackson's 1989 Meet the Feebles

During the late 1990s RifRaf teamed with several musical groups, joining them on stage to paint as they played.

In mid-2007 RifRaf suffered a violent home-invasion during which many works in progress and stored completed works were destroyed.

In 2008 RifRaf was commissioned by Waitakere City to produce a series of murals in public spaces.

2008 Featured on Air NZ in-flight entertainment 'highlights of New Zealand'.

RifRaf has been a contributing artist in all of the NZ Art Guilds collaborative art projects

RifRaf also contributed works to "Sukkot 5769" exhibition held in Jerusalem, Israel


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