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Richard Marazano

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Name  Richard Marazano

Role  Comics artist
Richard Marazano from Chaabi Words Without Borders
Area(s)  Writer, Penciller, Artist, Inker, Colorist
Books  After Man: Sam, Cutie B, Paradox, Dusk: Poor Tom
Similar People  Shang Xiao, Jean‑Michel Ponzio, Christophe Bec, Yishan Li

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Richard Marazano (born 27 January 1971) is a French cartoonist.


Richard Marazano from Chaabi Words Without Borders

His work has been published in many European countries including France, England, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Swiss as well as worldwide in the U.S.A. and China.

Richard Marazano p37 Le bataillon des lches Le bataillon des lches


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Marazano was born in Fontenay-aux-Roses, near Paris. After short scientific studies, he was introduced by artist Moebius to several comics publishers.

Richard Marazano Richard Marazano Lambiek Comiclopedia

He was formerly pushed into comics by artist Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, who advised him for a few years and introduced him to several publishers.

Richard Marazano Genetiks Richard Marazano amp Ponzio

He also collaborated to the atelier Sanzot, a workshop gathering several French artists in Angoulême.

Meeting and collaborating with Victor Delafuente and Antonio Parras in Paris had a major influence over his art and inking. Despite being also a penciller, Marazano mostly works as writer for other artists.

In 2003 he created Cuervos, a series set in Colombia and telling the deeds of a killer in the drug traffic of the Medellín Cartel. The series artist was Michel Durand. In 2007-2008 he wrote the science fiction trilogy The Chimpanzee Complex, with art by Jean-Michel Ponzio. Other series by Marazano include the humoristic Cos & Mos (with Abel Chen) and Trelawney, with Spanish artist Alfonso Font, telling the story of a 19th-century corsair.

The sf-fantasy-thriller tetralogy Le Protocole Pélican (The Pelican Protocol), published in 2011-2013, also featured art by Ponzio.

In 2014 he has been following painting teaching by American Painter Max Ginsburg at the Art Student League in New-York.


  • Cuervos - 2006 Carolus Quintus Award
  • Cuervos - 2006 for best comics script adaptable into a movie in Monaco's Cinema and literature convention
  • The Chimpanzee Complex - 2007 best album award in Lyon's comic's convention.
  • The Chimpanzee Complex - 2008 best album and best story in Le Bourget Museum comics convention
  • Genetiks - 2008 Bob Morane Award for best "Francophone" album
  • Chaabi, la révolte - 2008 "interfestival" Award for best album in Chambéry comics convention
  • Chaabi, la révolte - 2009 "Bonne mine" Award for best album in Decines comic's convention.
  • S.A.M. book 1 - 2012 best teenage album in Angoulême's international comics convention.
  • S.A.M. book 1 - 2012 best Youth album by "Union Nationnale Culture et Bibliothèque pour tous".
  • Otaku Blue - 2013 Bronze Award at the 6th International MANGA Award
  • Le monde de milo - 2013 Award for best youth comics by the readers of Mickey magazine in France.
  • Yin & the Dragon book 1 - 2017 Award "À l'ombre du grand arbre".
  • Yin & the Dragon book 1 - 2017 Award for best youth album un Sollies comics convention.
  • As artist

  • Le Bataillon des lâches (2000)
  • Le syndrome d'Abel (3 volumes, 2005-2013), on a script by Xavier Dorison.
  • As writer

  • Humain trop humain (1995; art by Éric Derian)
  • Sidney & Howell, (2 volumes in 1997-1998; art by Nicolas Moraes)
  • Zéro absolu (in English as Absolute Zero; 3 volumes in 1997-1999; art by Christophe Bec]])
  • Tequila Desperados (1998; art by Jean-Claude Cassini)
  • Le Bataillon des lâches (2000)
  • Dusk (2 volumes in 2000-2007; art by Christian Demetter)
  • Vampires (2001; art by Tommy Lee Edwards)
  • Les Contes de par-ci par-là (2002; only colors)
  • Cuervos (4 volumes in 2003-2009; art by Michel Durand)
  • Cos & Mos (2 volumes in 2004-2005; art by Abel)
  • Les Mémoires d'un gentilhomme corsaire (in English as Trelawney, 2005; art by Alfonso Font)
  • Blue Space (2 volumes in 2006-2009; art by Chris Lamquet)
  • Chaabi, la révolte (3 volumes in 2007-2011; art by Xavier Delaporte)
  • The Chimpanzee Complex (3 volumes in 2007-2008; art by Jean-Michel Ponzio)
  • Genetiks (3 volumes in 2007-2011; art by Jean-Michel Ponzio)
  • Aguirre, le principe de liberté (2008; art by Gabriel Delmas)
  • Cutie B. (2 volumes in 2008; art by Yishan Li)
  • Guerrero (2 volumes in 2008-2009; art by Camille Legendre)
  • Jérusalem (2008; art by Patrick Pion)
  • Minik, Dupuis (2008; art by Hippolyte)
  • Le Syndrome d'Abel (3 volumes in 2008-2015;; script by Xavier Dorison)
  • Eco Warriors (2 volumes in 2009-2010; art by Chris Lamquet)
  • Héloïse de Montfort (3 volumes in 2010-2012; art by Alfonso Font)
  • Le Rêve du papillon (4 volumes in 2010-2014; art by Yin Luo)
  • Le Protocole Pélican (4 volumes in 2011-2013; art by Jean-Michel Ponzio)
  • S.A.M. (3 of 4 volumes in 2011-2015; art by Xiao Shang)
  • L'Expédition (2 of 4 volumes published in 2012-2014; art by Marcelo Frusin)
  • Otaku blue (2 volumes in 2012-2013; art by Malo Kerfriden)
  • Le monde de Milo (3 of 6 volumes in 2013-2015; art by Christophe Ferreira)
  • Yin et le Dragon (1 of 3 volume in 2016; art by Xu Yao)
  • Press

  • Cos & Mos, (Shorts stories in Pif Gadget), Script : Richard Marazano - Art : Abel
  • Les Mémoires d’un gentilhomme corsaire, (Shorts stories in Pif Gadget) Script : Richard Marazano - Art : Alfonso Font
  • Sidney & Howell, (In Lanfeust Mag), Script : Richard Marazano - Art : Nicolas Moraes
  • Gargantua et Pantagruel (short story in Je bouquine, Bayard Press) : Script : Richard Marazano - Art : Mazan
  • Le masque de fer (short story in Je bouquine, Bayard Press) : Script : Richard Marazano - Art : D. Bertail
  • Histoires comme ça (short story in Je bouquine, Bayard Press) : Script : Richard Marazano - Art : Mazan
  • Conte de Noël (short story in faille temporelle) : Script : Richard Marazano - Art : Mazan
  • Xibalba, le royaume de la peur (short story in Bodoï) : Script : Richard Marazano - Art : B. Springer
  • References

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