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Richard Boulanger

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Richard Boulanger


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Richard Boulanger (born 1956) is a composer and professor of "Electronic Production and Design" at Berklee College of Music. He holds a Ph.D. in computer music from the University of California, San Diego, and is associated with computer music gurus Max Mathews and Barry Vercoe. His students include Elaine Walker.


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For me, music is a medium through which the inner spiritual essence of all things is revealed and shared. Compositionally, I am interested in extending the voice of the traditional performer through technological means to produce a music which connects with the past, lives in the present and speaks to the future. Educationally, I am interested in helping students see technology as the most powerful instrument for the exploration, discovery, and realization of their essential musical nature – their inner voice.

Boulanger wrote the first vocal composition using the microtonal Bohlen-Pierce scale, "Solemn Song for Evening", which also uses a radio baton. His compositions have appeared on albums including iChamber (Centaur Records, 2003: Virtual Encounters) and Electro-Acoustic Music, Vol. 1 (Neuma, 1990: From Temporal Silence).

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