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Ri Ul sol

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Allegiance  North Korea
Name  Ri Ul-sol
Choson'gul  리을설
Rank  Marshal of KPA
Years of service  1930s–2004
Role  Politician

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Battles/wars  World War II, Korean War
Awards  Order of Kim Il-sungHero of LabourOrder of the National Flag (1st class)Hero of the DPRK (twice)

Battles and wars  World War II, Korean War
Service/branch  Korean People's Army

Similar  Kim Il sung, Kim Jong il, Choe Kwang

Died  7 November 2015 (aged 94)

Born  14 September 1921 (age 94) Seishin (Chongjin), North Hamgyong Province, Japanese-ruled Korea

Ri Ul-sol (리을설; 14 September 1921 – 6 November 2015) was a North Korean politician and military official. He played an important role in the administrations of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, achieving the rank of Marshal of the Korean People's Army. He was responsible for the safety of top North Korean leaders and their families as Commander of the Guard.


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Early life and education

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Ri Ul-sol was born in 1921 in Songjin, North Hamgyong Province.

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He may have been trained at the Okeanskaya Field School in Vladivostok or in the RKKA Military Academy in Khabarovsk, both in the Soviet Union.

Military career

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In the late 1930s Ri was a soldier in Kim Il-sung's United Army, which was a partisan unit. He fought for Korea's independence from Japan alongside Kim Il-sung in World War II. Ri served in the 88th Sniper Brigade with Kim Il-sung, Kim Chol-man and other first-generation North Korean politicians. During the outbreak of the Korean War, Ri Ul-sol was responsible for the care of Kim Jong-il and Kim Kyong-hui, the children of Kim Il-sung. It is said that Ri assumed the position of surrogate father to Kim Jong-il, the future North Korean leader.

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He was promoted through the North Korean military system, earning the following ranks:

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He was one of only a handful of North Korean Marshals (the others being or having been Kim Jong-il, O Jin-u, Choe Kwang and Kim Jong-un), the second highest North Korean military rank. His full title was Marshal of the Korean People's Army. In his other major position, Commander of the Guard (1996–2003), he was responsible for guarding the top North Korean officials, including Kim Jong-il and his family. The Guard Command is one of the few military positions which show little turnover, as Ri managed to hold onto his position from 1984–2003. Furthermore, Ri Ul-sol became a member of the Central Military Commission of the WPK in October 1980, and a member of the National Defence Commission in May 1990.

Political career

Ri was a deputy delegate to the 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Supreme People's Assemblies. In the 10th SPA, he represented Electoral District 583, and in the 12th SPA, he represented Electoral District 1. He was also a member of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea in November 1970.

He was part of the Funeral Committees for both Kim Il-sung and O Jin-u. The funeral committees are often seen as an indicator of de facto power.

Politically, Ri Ul-sol was one of the last surviving members of the first generation of North Korean leadership. He was seen as an ultraconservative. He retired from most of his positions in 2003 during a reshuffle and was subsequently not considered to be a major player in North Korean politics. He died in November 2015.


Ri Ul-sol was the recipient of various awards, including the Order of Kim Il-sung, Hero of Labour and Order of the National Flag (1st class). He was twice awarded the title of the Hero of the DPRK.


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