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Rhodope (regional unit)

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Country  Greece
University  Democritus University of Thrace
Area  2,543 km2
Region  East Macedonia and Thrace
Capital  Komotini

Rhodope (Greek: , Rodopi, ) is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Its name is derived from the Rhodope Mountains, which cover the northern part of its territory. Together with the regional units Evros and Xanthi, it forms the geographical region of Western Thrace. The capital of the prefecture is the city of Komotini. The second largest town is Sapes. Most of the Muslims of Thrace, the only officially recognized minority in Greece, are settled in this area, where they form around half of the population.


Map of Rhodope (regional unit)


The regional unit Rhodope is subdivided into 4 municipalities. These are (number as in the map in the infobox):

  • Arriana (2)
  • Iasmos (3)
  • Komotini (1)
  • Maroneia-Sapes (4)

In 2015 this regional unit has three seats in the Hellenic Parliament.

Rhodope was established as a prefecture in 1930 (Greek: ????? ???????), when the former Thrace Prefecture was divided into the Rhodope and Evros prefectures. In 1944 Xanthi Prefecture was created from the western part of Rhodope Prefecture. Since the 1990s Rhodope cooperated with Evros in the Rhodope-Evros Super-prefecture.

As a part of the 2011 Kallikratis government reform, the prefecture was transformed into a regional unit within the East Macedonia and Thrace region, with no change in its boundaries. At the same time, the municipalities were reorganised, according to the table below.

  • Province of Komotini - Komotini
  • Province of Sapes - Sapes

Note: Provinces no longer hold any legal status in Greece.

  • The ancient city Anastasioupolis - Peritheorion with the medevial towers south-east of Amaxades.
  • The Imaret of Komotini, one of the oldest Ottoman monuments in Thrace from 1360 - 1380.
  • The Papikio mountain with the ruins of early Christian monasteries.
  • The trip route from Arriana to the east, as far as the borders with Evros (regional unit), within the forest.
  • The suburban forest of Nymphaea, north of Komotini.
  • The ancient Maronia.
  • The "Thracian Meteora" - scenic landscape with wild nature and wild horses north of Iasmos.
  • The circumcenter temple of 11th - 13th century of Maximianoupolis - Mosynoupolis few kms west of Komotini.
  • Archaeological museum of Komotini.
  • Folklore museum of Komotini.
  • Byzantine museum of Komotini.
  • Caratheodorys museum, dedicated to Constantin Caratheodory, in Komotini.
  • Thracian, Ethnological, Historical and Cultural museum, in Komotini.
  1. Petrota beach
  2. Synaxi beach
  3. Marmaritsa
  4. Agios Charalampos beach
  5. Kangeles, near Maronia
  6. Platanitis
  7. Alkyona
  8. Proskynites beach or Kryoneri
  9. Profitis Ilias
  10. Imeros beach
  11. Karousmilou
  12. Molyvoti
  13. Chrysophora islet
  14. Glyfadas beach
  15. Paralia Mesis (with Blue flag 2014)
  16. Arogis beaches (1 of them with Blue flag 2014)
  17. Fanari beaches (2 of them with Blue flag 2014)



Rhodope (regional unit) Beautiful Landscapes of Rhodope (regional unit)

Rhodope borders on the regional unit Xanthi to the west and Evros to the east, and on Bulgarias Kardzhali Province to the north. The Aegean Sea lies to the south. The eastern Rhodope Mountains cover the northern part of the regional unit. Apart from the mountainous areas, the territory consists mainly of farmland, forests and grasslands.

Rhodope (regional unit) Beautiful Landscapes of Rhodope (regional unit)

The southern and the central part have a mainly Mediterranean climate, and the northern part a mainly continental climate with cold winters.


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