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Rex Splode

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Image Comics

Guardians of the Globe

Alter ego
Rex Sloan

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Created by
Robert Kirkman Cory Walker

Team affiliations
Guardians of the Globe Teen Team

Heightened agility, energy manipulation, blast power, implants

First appearance
Invincible #2 (February 2003)

Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker

Dupli‑Kate, Atom Eve, Invincible, Black Samson, Omni‑Man

Rex Splode is a fictional superhero in the Image Comics series Invincible, gifted with the ability to make inanimate objects explode. He first appeared in Invincible #2 (February 2003).


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Fictional character biography

Rex Splode RexSplode Invincible Guardians of the Globe Kirkman

Born into a poor family, Rex was taken in by the government, his parents essentially being paid for him. Rex was put under extreme physical training, and was experimented upon, gaining the power to heat up non-organic material enough for it to explode. He also developed mild invulnerability and low-level super strength. Eventually, Rex escaped and sought out his family, only to learn that, after being paid, they'd moved on with their lives and had two more children.

Rex Splode RexSplode Invincible Guardians of the Globe Kirkman

Rex soon joined the Teen Team, a group of young heroes, and started a relationship with Atom Eve. He eventually begins cheating on her with Dupli-Kate, an amorous teammate, which breaks Eve's heart. Ironically, Rex finds himself in a similar position as Kate begins a relationship with the ageless Immortal. Rex served as a member of the Guardians of the Globe.

Rex Splode Gambit vs Atom Eve and Rexplode Battles Comic Vine

Rex was unwittingly cloned by Rudy Conners, the human controller of his teammate, Robot. Rudy, whose infirm body prevented him from leaving a life support tank, transferred his consciousness into the cloned preteen body of Rex so he could live a more normal life outside his life support machinery. He then used an exo-skeletal suit version of his Robot persona to continue fighting crime.

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In Invincible #40, Rex's left hand is bitten off by Komodo Dragon of the Lizard League; the hand explodes inside Komodo's head, killing him. During this same fight, Dupli-Kate and Shrinking Ray are apparently killed. Thinking the fight is over, Rex lies down in sorrow and exhaustion, only to find that King Lizard is holding a gun to his head. He is shot through the head by King Lizard, but survives. After his recovery, he is given an artificial hand that can shoot his exploding projectiles.

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These events seemed to have matured Rex emotionally. He takes his activities as a superhero more seriously. Upon hearing of Invincible and Atom Eve's new relationship, Rex sincerely wishes them well, much to Eve's surprise. After Invincible leaves the government, Rex along with Robot, Monster Girl, and Bulletproof leave the Guardians of the Globe to reform the Teen Team.

In order to save his team from an evil Invincible from an alternate universe, Rex blew himself up to give them time to escape, destroying himself and the Invincible. A funeral was held for him shortly following the aftermath of the Invincible War.

Powers and abilities

Rex Splode had the ability to alter the chemical makeup of inorganic materials, causing them to become unstable and explode. He had limited invulnerability and slightly enhanced strength. After his hand was bitten off by a member of the Lizard League, Rex received an artificial hand that could fire projectiles that he could render explosive.


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