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Revoco Groupe

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Founded  2012
Location  Rīga, Latvia
Focus  Cultural and Natural Heritage
Area served  EU, Balkans and Middle East
Product  Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Financial and Development Programmes
Method  Donation Campaigns, Analysis and Project International Realization

Revoco Groupe is an international, mainly Northern European based, non-profit organization with its general office and administration center in Rīga, Latvia. Founded in 2012, it unites a small number of active members, but in majority representing high-level scientific specialists of the wide social influence. As it operates in the field of natural and historical heritage there are a very large amount of international partnership programmes and projects it is involved in. Usually, it is active in the domains of educational, environmental and regional development innovations, projects and researches, supplying support, legal and professional consultations, providing necessary contacts and serving mediator in realization of international initiatives. Obviously, it can be also classified an international voluntary think tank with notable political and social background.


Minorities Policy

One of its main fields of activity is related with the defending of rights of minorities, especially national minorities, around the globe. It has been attracting Serbian and Croat diaspora’s in the United States funds for developing education content about the regional history and its controversial treatment to be adopted by the local schools and youth training centers. Moreover, there were few studies on the immigration flow from the Balkans to the Western countries held, spending attention on the multicultural united space, created so in migrant communities.

The organization has also provided communication tools for preserving and structuring the historical and cultural legacy of the Jewish community in the ex-USSR countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The same project involved people of the Southern Italian origin to remain active, keeping memorials about their ancestors’ life style and their past. It originated a movement in favor of teaching some national craftsmanship lessons of this region by migrants around the United States.

Nature Protection & Green Politics

Revoco Groupe organized a large flora research in Moldova and Bosnia & Herzegovina to complete the local registers of rare species in the partnership with the university-level scientific groups from the Northern Europe. Accordingly, it realizes permanent survey polling on the ecologist issues in the Balkan and Baltic countries, partnering with pro-ecology political and social groups.

It is participating in finding and helping to realize innovations in making urban areas greener, friendlier to the nature. In agriculture, it supports farmers in producing local terroir food and crafts, being responsible for their branding, quality and scientific base. It holds few patents in the Baltic States. There were also three big studies and reports on the nuclear energy issues and sustainable economy, realized by the request of the nonprofits from Greece and Japan.

Other Activities

In has been the main organizing body in the Baku City Jogging Movement creation and functioning in the middle of 2013 in Azerbaijan. National culture’s values and artefacts databases and collections were fulfilled and structured in the frame of its collaboration with the local activists in the ex-Yugoslavia and Caucus regions.


The organisation includes five main departments, which are allowed to create inner independent branches and working cells for some concrete initiatives realization. The mentioned division units are:

- Civil Rights and Political Interaction Department

- Cultural Heritage and Religious Affairs Department

- Social Aid, Development and Humanitarian Interaction Department

- Ecological Monitoring, Scientific and Statistical Studies Department

- International Collaboration and Financial Issues Department


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