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Retina X Studios

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Industry  Software
Founded  1997
Type of business  Limited liability company
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Products  Monitoring software for computer and mobile devices
Headquarters  Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Retina-X Studios is a software manufacturer company that develops computer and cell phone monitoring applications, focused on computers, smartphones, tablets and networks. The company is founded in 1997 and it is based in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.



The company was founded in July 1997 primarily as a web consulting and design company. In 2003, after a period of developing monitoring products for outside companies, the company began creating monitoring software products using its own brand name. The first software product, named AceSpy, was released on April 28th, 2003.

In May 2007, the company developed and released the first monitoring software for mobile phones, named Mobile-Spy, particularly for Windows Mobile.


  • Mobile-Spy – monitoring software for mobile internet and cell phone activity.
  • PhoneSheriff – parental monitoring software that allows multiple time restrictions and filtering.
  • SniperSpy and SniperSpy Mac – monitoring software for Windows & Mac.
  • AceSpy and AceSpy Mac – similar to SniperSpy, but doesn't have a live control panel.
  • PeekTab – tablet monitoring software for iPad and Android tablets.
  • Net Orbit - computer monitoring software for network.
  • Usage

    Target audiences for Retina-X Studios are parents and employers.

    Parents and employers use legal monitoring software to check their teens' and staff's internet use. This is legal since juveniles are the responsibility of their parents. Company markets its products as spy applications as parents can review child's messages and call details without the child's knowledge. In some cases ethical issues can arise if employees are not made aware of monitoring tools, if personal emails are intentionally accessed and if managers are involved directly in evaluating the contents of logging activities as they can be/become biased towards the person whose email is being reviewed.


    Using cell phones for spying has also increased due to multiplication of smart phones and compromising one's information is very possible with spy apps. People can stalk each other easily with company software. All they need is a onetime access to the gadget and then such software would run invisibly. Some times these programs as spyware and snoop-ware which are semi-legit in their eyes. The wrong use of the software should not be overlooked. The hackers can access the online information that is parsed to the customer's account and this can lead to privacy issues.


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