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Resurrection (1960 film)

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Director  Mikhail Shveitser
Language  Russian
7.6/10 IMDb

Country  Soviet Union
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Writer  Leo Tolstoy, Yevgeny Gabrilovich, Mikhail Shveitser
Release date  20 November 1960 (part 1)23 March 1962 (part 2)6 October 1963 (US)

1960 comet resurrection

Resurrection (Russian: Воскресение, Voskreseniye) is a Soviet film made in 1960-1961, directed by Mikhail Shveitser based on Shveitser and Yevgeny Gabrilovich's adaptation of the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy's novel of the same name.


Virus fukkatsu no hi day of resurrection 1980


In the District Court jury listens to the abduction of money and poisoning, which caused the death of a merchant Smyelkov. Among the three accused of the crime appears Philistine Ekaterina Maslova, prostitution. Maslov is innocent, but, as a result of a miscarriage of justice, it is sentenced to four years' hard labor in Siberia.

At the trial, including the jury, there is Prince Dmitri Nekhlyudov, which recognizes the defendant Maslova girl, about ten years ago, seduced and abandoned them. Feeling guilty before Maslova, Nekhlyudov decides to hire a lawyer for her well-known, to submit the case to the appeal and to help with money.

Struck Nekhlyudov injustice in the court, and the ratio of officials to this cause in him a feeling of disgust and aversion to all the people with whom he in the day, after the trial, we have to see and, in particular, to representatives of high society that surrounds it. He thinks quickly rid prisyazhnichestva from the surrounding society and to go abroad. And, talking about it, Nekhlyudov recalled Maslov; first prisoner - what he saw her at the trial, and then, in his mind, one after another, beginning to emerge moments experienced with it.


  • Tamara Syomina as Katyusha Maslova
  • Yevgeny Matveyev as Prince Nekhludov
  • Pavel Massalsky as Presiding Judge
  • Viktor Kulakov as Member of the Court
  • Vasili Bokarev as Member of the Court
  • Lev Zolotukhin as Prosecutor
  • Vladimir Sez as Court Secretary
  • Vyacheslav Sushkevich as Prison Warden
  • Nikolai Svobodin as Retired Colonel
  • Aleksandr Khvylya as Merchant
  • Alexander Smirnov as Nikiforov
  • Sergei Kalinin as Member of Workers Collective
  • Nina Samsonova as Bochkova
  • Vladimir Boriskin as Kartinkin
  • Valentina Vladimirova as prisoner
  • Nikolai Sergeyev as Supervisor of Prison
  • Anastasa Zuyeva as Matryona Kharina
  • Vladimir Gusev as Simonson
  • Klara Rumyanova as Bogodukhovskaya
  • Maya Bulgakova as Anisya
  • Vladislav Strzhelchik as Earl Shembok
  • Vasili Livanov as Kryltsov
  • Vladimir Belokurov as Maslennikov
  • Nikolai Pazhitnov as Maslova's Lawyer
  • Valentina Telegina as Korablyova
  • Olesya Ivanova as Red-Headed Woman
  • Mariya Vinogradova as Khoroshavka
  • Mikhail Sidorkin as Lawyer Fonarin
  • Grigori Konsky as Korchagin
  • Vladimir Vanyshev as Petr Gerasimovitch, teacher
  • Elena Yelina as Sofya Ivanovna
  • Sofya Garrel Garell as Marya Ivanovna
  • Rolan Bykov as madman
  • Aleksandra Panova as Agrafena Petrovna
  • Aleksei Konsovsky as Commentator
  • Reception

    Tamara Syomina's acting was praised by Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina.


  • 1962 - International Film Festival in Locarno premium FIPRESCI best actress (Tamara Syomina)
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