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Reserva de familia

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Genre  Family thriller
No. of seasons  1
Final episode date  22 October 2012
Location  Santiago
Program creator  Pablo Illanes
9/10 IMDb

Country of origin  Chile
First episode date  19 March 2012
Number of seasons  1
Number of episodes  123
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Created by  Pablo Illanes (Adapted)
Developed by  María Eugenia Rencoret Patricio González K. Felipe Marchetti
Starring  Nelson Villagra Francisco Melo Paola Volpato Marcelo Alonso Ingrid Cruz Diego Muñoz Luz Valdivieso
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Reserva de Familia (Reserve of Family) is a Chilean telenovela produced by TVN. is an adaptation of the Spanish series Gran Reserva. adapted by Pablo Illanes and directed by Maria Eugenia Rencoret


Telenovela nocturna reserva de familia tvn


A family story revolves around two families of winemakers: The Ruiz-Tagle, represented by their patriarch Mr. Fernando (Nelson Villagra) and four children: Miguel (Francisco Melo), Pedro (Marcelo Alonso), Emma (Ingrid Cruz) and Raul (Diego Munoz) who consider wine as a lucrative business, a family winery that bears more than a century as part of the history and winemaking tradition. After a careful process of making and aging are born Treasury Ruiz-Tagle, strong and balanced wines.

The Rivera, after the death of Federico (Luis Alarcón) are headed by Mrs. Sofia (Consuelo Holzapfel) and their two children: Lucía (Luz Valdivieso) and Daniel (Pablo Cerda), who believe that the vineyard and land are a of life. Despite the differences, both families live in a balance that breaks dramatically when someone tries to kill Miguel, the eldest of the Ruiz-Tagle.

It all starts after a failed assassination attempt, the manager of the wineries Ruiz-Tagle is amnesiac, back home trying to recover his memory, his life and discover who tried to kill him. Betrayed and without memory, you can not trust anyone not even their nearest and dearest relatives, including his wife Paula (Paola Volpato), his family Gustavo (Andres Velasco) and Sara (Ignacia Baeza), including Monica (Patricia López), the ambitious family lawyer.

From overnight everyone is a suspect and help detective Jacqueline (Ximena Rivas) is committed to finding the person responsible for the failed assassination.

Main cast

  • Nelson Villagra as Fernando Ruiz-Tagle.
  • Francisco Melo as Miguel Ruiz-Tagle.
  • Paola Volpato as Paula Risopatrón.
  • Marcelo Alonso as Pedro Ruiz-Tagle.
  • Ingrid Cruz as Emma Ruiz-Tagle.
  • Diego Muñoz as Raul Ruiz-Tagle.
  • Luz Valdivieso as Lucia Rivera.
  • Andrés Velasco as Gustavo Gonzalez.
  • Ignacia Baeza as Sara García.
  • Pablo Cerda as Daniel Rivera.
  • Patricia López as Mónica Robles.
  • Ximena Rivas as Jacqueline Ortega.
  • Consuelo Holzapfel as Sofía Guzmán.
  • Gabriela Medina as Tina Sánchez.
  • César Arredondo as Natalio Contreras.
  • Catalina Aguayo as Paloma Olmedo / Antonia.
  • Florencia Martínez as Claudia Ruiz-Tagle.
  • Special participation

  • Gloria Münchmeyer as Estela Solar.
  • Luis Alarcón as Federico Rivera.
  • Supporting cast

  • Patricio Achurra as Agustín Correa.
  • Silvia Santelices as Amelia of Correa.
  • Alex Zisis as Diego Calvo.
  • Elvira Cristi as Pascal Correa.
  • Nicolás Brown as Gonzalo Rodríguez.
  • César Caillet as Adrián Fernández.
  • Ivana Llanos as Lorena Paris.
  • Fernando Olivares as David Toledo.
  • Pedro Vicuña as Iván Serrano.
  • Pablo Striano as Julio Medina.
  • Sergio Silva as Gustavo's friend.
  • References

    Reserva de familia Wikipedia

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