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Reign of the Fallen

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Directed by  David McLeavy
Written by  David McLeavy
Running time  55 minutes
Director  David McLeavy
Production company  Walt Disney Pictures
Produced by  Jonathan Wang
Release date  March 2006 (2006-03)
Initial release  2005 (USA)
Screenplay  David McLeavy
Producer  Jonathan Wang
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Starring  Maureen Isern David McLeavy Carlos Acuña Jason Updike Kevin Walsh
Cast  David McLeavy, Maureen Isern, Jason Updike, Carlos Acuña, Kevin Walsh
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Reign of the fallen

Reign of the Fallen is a Star Wars fanfilm directed and written by David McLeavy, and originally released in March 2006.


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In the times since great wars laid waste to Prias, its people have learned to embrace a simple life, away from the perils of technology and war. As the mighty Sith army spreads across the galaxy, subjugating every planet in its path, all the people of Prias can do is wait, their world protected by an energy planetary shield held in place by ancient towers. While the people wait in fear, one Jedi trained by Master Oram Bren will be chosen to be the future leader of Prias, a title decided by a vote of the entire population of the planet. But little do they know that one Jedi's dark secret could spell their doom.


On the planet of Prias, two Jedi Knights, Jaren and Erik, the apprentices of Jedi Master Oram Bren, are perfecting their skills in hopes that their master would choose one of them to lead their village after he had passed on. Erik feels confident that he would be chosen, acting in an arrogant manner.

The village is completely devoid of technology and the inhabitants choose to live a simple life. That night, a Sith Master sends two scouts to take out the Jedi. Erik is preparing to see his master about his choice, but before he leaves, he quickly takes a look inside a box and looks at its secret: a red Sith crystal he found.

Jaren tells Master Bren of a nightmare he had of a fire surrounded by a circle of stones and believed there might be a weapon outside of the village that might stop the Sith. Oram responds by slamming his dagger on the table and revealing the leadership medallion; the people have chosen him as the new leader when Master Bren passes on. Erik, who has been standing outside the whole time, hears this and is devastated. Jaren leaves and finds a dead guard and is immediately attacked by one of the Sith scouts. The other is in Erik's home just as Erik returns. This time it is Erik who surprised the scout. Both Jedi defeat their foes. Erik activates the planetary shield while Jaren decides he must find this weapon.

The next morning, Erik taunts that Jaren was only running, but Jaren responds that Erik should stop thinking of himself as superior to him, and then he would understand. Jaren tells Alana, his girlfriend, of the journey he is about to take. Alana only prays that Jaren returns to her safely. Leaving her with the medallion, Jaren sets off, but the Sith Master has another scout follow him.

Erik questions Oram's choice of leadership and decides to make a choice. Replacing his own lightsaber crystal with the Sith crystal, Erik sets out and destroys his old crystal along with the main power source to the shield.

Jaren at last finds the glade in his dream, and as he sleeps, the Sith scout sends a snake. Jaren wakes up and kills the snake. The scout then tries to attack Jaren but a Force Crush kills him.

Jaren's savior turns out to be a Sith spirit named Eidolon, who was left for dead by his Sith brethren during the ancient wars on Prias. He tells Jaren a legend, that whenever the Jedi Order seemed poised to fall, a leader, potent with the Force, would rise up from their ranks and stop the Sith, and these leaders all came from Prias. When Jaren mentions the weapon he visioned, Eidolon replies that weapon was Jaren. He tells Jaren of a ship to escape the planet. Jaren wants to save his people, but Eidolon responds it is too late as the Sith were already penetrating the defenses. Eidolon assures Jaren that although the Jedi may be scattered and defeated, they will not be destroyed and someday will reunite and become strong again . . . under the light of a Skywalker. Eidolon then creates three copies of himself and attacks Jaren. Jaren makes the spirits disappear, and then falls into a coma.

Outside the city, Alana gazes at the medallion and sings a beautiful melody that seems to reach Jaren's ears. He wakes up and runs for the starfighter. Master Oram sees the Sith fighters coming in and goes to inspect the shields. Before he can get to the power source, he is forced to fight several Sith Jedi. Though he succeeds in killing the initial party he meets with great skill, a whole army of black-cloaked figures gather in front of him. Raising his lightsaber in a salute, and knowing he will not escape death, Omar plunges into the fight.

Jaren reaches the city, but is too late: the city is destroyed and in flames. He sees a body and it turns out to be Alana; she has been murdered. Covering her body with his cloak, Jaren grieves, and a Jedi appears behind him. The Jedi removes his hood, and standing in front of Jaren is Erik. Erik wears the leadership medallion on his belt and challenges Jaren. A lightsaber duel ensued, and Erik repeatedly uses his lightsaber to disarm and hit Jaren. Finally, disarmed and beaten, Jaren asks Erik why he had done this. Erik responds he could not live on this planet knowing their people chose Jaren. As Erik is about to deliver the final blow, Jaren reaches out with the Force and stopps Erik's blade inches from his hand. Calling his saber, Jaren makes it pass through Erik's body before it comes to his hand, and then Jaren makes one last strike at Erik, who falls down dead. Jaren takes the medallion off his body.

The next morning, near the ruins of the city, Jaren buries Alana and places the medallion on her grave. He then leaves and goes to his starfighter, hoping to rebuild the Jedi Order.


  • Jaren... David McLeavy
  • Erik... Jason Updike
  • Eidolon... Carlos Acuna
  • Oram Bren... Kevin Walsh
  • Alana... Maureen Isern
  • References

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