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Rehan Azmi

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Pen name  Rehan Azmi
Ethnicity  Urdu speaking
Name  Rehan Azmi
Nationality  Pakistani
Education  PhD
Rehan Azmi with mustache and wearing eyeglasses and black suit

  Urdu poet, Song writer, writer
Citizenship  jafer-e-tayyar society malir karachi
Similar  Adal Soomro , Ali Baba Taj , Ahfazur Rahman

Dr rehan azmi jahsan of eid e ghadeer at babulilm islamic center

Rehan Azmi, (born 1958 in Karachi) is an Urdu poet noted for writing Nohas, and a song writer of Pakistan. He got into the Guinness Book of World Records in 1997 for being the 7th speediest writer of poetry in the world.


Rehan Azmi and Nadeem Sarwar are considered a pair for writing and reading of Noha, Salam, Naat, Manqabat etc. They enjoy respect and love in the Shia community especially the Urdu speaking communitires of sub-continent

Mukammal marsiya rehan azmi

Launching ceremony in Karachi Arts Council

Speaking at the launch of a collection of Marsiya writings titled “Nawa-i-Mimbar” by Azmi at the Arts Council of Pakistan on 4 October 2012, Dr Akhtar Hashmi revealed that he had known Azmi since he used to write songs for Radio and Television in Pakistan. Subsequently Azmi switched to Noha writing and soon earned a reputation. Among other speakers of the ceremony the poet Hasan Akbar Kamal said that over 25 years Kalam of Rehan Azmi (poetry of Noha and Marsiya) had reached all corners of the world and were known by heart even by the young.


Shia Muslim Scholar Talib Jauhari offered his comments in poetry book of Dr. Rehan that:

Why do every Noha reader want to recite Noha written by Rehan? How come he fulfills the demand of all Noha reciters. These were questions of my surprise; I got satisfied when I personally saw Rehan begging this literacy treasure from Ali Ibn Abi Talib at his shrine in Najaf. I told him stating that it is your source of prominence in the Urdu language poetry for Prophet Muhammad and his progeny. I admire you too.

Azmi has written a number of Noha books and books of Qasidas.

  • " Qalam Torr Dia "(2015)
  • Khuwab Se Tabeer Tak (1997 )
  • Manzar Ba Manzar Karbala
  • Eik Aansoo Mein Karbala
  • Gham
  • Rehan-e-Karbala (An upcoming book)
  • Saheefa-e-Kamila Ka Manzoom Tarjuma (An upcoming book)
  • Ghadeer se karbala tak
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