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Rednaxela Terrace

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Rednaxela Terrace (Chinese: 列拿士地臺) is a pedestrian-only street in Mid-levels, Hong Kong.


Map of Rednaxela Terrace, Mid-level, Hong Kong

It is 63 metres (207 ft) long and junctions Shelley Street to the west and Peel Street to the east.


Although there aren't any official conclusions to the origin of the name, it is believed that the road was part of the property owned by a Mr Alexander, and 'Rednaxela' is an understandable transposition of the English name 'Alexander', since the Chinese language is written right to left. Most of the naming errors in Hong Kong are a result of incorrect or inaccurate translations or transliterations, so some believe the explanation of this unique example of right-to-left transposition error in Hong Kong under colonial bureaucrats inconceivable. Another explanation is that the name is linked to abolitionist Robert Alexander Young, who was known to have used the name "Rednaxela" in his 1829 work Ethiopian Manifesto. Whatever the source of the name, Chinese transliteration followed suit and was adopted by the neighbourhood, and the government never made any further alterations.


From December 1891 to June 1892, the Filipino revolutionary and national hero José Rizal lived with his family in Number 2 of Rednaxela Terrace, then working as an eye clinician in Hong Kong. The HK government erected a commemorative plaque in 2004 on the intersection of Rednaxela Terrace and Shelley Street to honour Rizal.


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