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Red headed weaver

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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Anaplectes rubriceps
Higher classification  Anaplectes
Order  Passerine
Family  Ploceidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
Red-headed weaver Redheaded Weaver Bird amp Wildlife Photography by Richard and
Genus  Anaplectes L. Reichenbach, 1863
Similar  Thick‑billed weaver, Lesser masked weaver, Spectacled weaver, Bubalornis, White‑winged widowbird

Red headed weaver male

The red-headed weaver (Anaplectes rubriceps) is a species of bird in the Ploceidae family. It is monotypic within the genus Anaplectes and is found throughout the Afrotropics.


Red-headed weaver Redheaded weaver

Birds red headed weavers anaplectes rubriceps or perhaps red head black collared barbet


Red-headed weaver Redheaded Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps videos photos and sound

There are three races, though some 13 have been suggested. They differ by the colour of the belly, colour of the edges to the primaries, and the presence or absence of a black mask.

Red-headed weaver Redheaded Weaver BirdForum Opus
  • A. r. leuconotos (J. W. von Müller, 1851) – West Africa to northern Malawi
  • A. r. jubaensis van Someren, 1920 – Southern Somalia and northern Kenya
  • A. r. rubriceps (Sundevall, 1850) – Southern Africa

  • Red-headed weaver Redheaded Weaver Bird amp Wildlife Photography by Richard and
    Red-headed weaver wwwwildfactscomwpcontentuploads201304red
    Red-headed weaver FileRedheaded Weaver male RWDjpg Wikimedia Commons


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