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Recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced 2014–2015

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The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced during the fortieth season of SNL, which began on September 27, 2014.


Hollywood Game Night

A parody of the TV quiz show of the same name, with host Jane Lynch (played by Kate McKinnon) continually irritated by the cluelessness of the celebrity participants.

How 2 Dance With Janelle

Janelle's (Sasheer Zamata) Youtube dance show is interrupted by her parents, concerned about the sexual nature of the videos and the presence of her obviously aroused friend Teddy (Kyle Mooney).

High school theater show

A high school theater troup attempts to open its audience's eyes and tackle big subjects during a very self-aggrandizing play.

Cathy Anne

A chain-smoking and disheveled woman played by Cecily Strong who serves as friend and mentor to various fairy-tale characters

Right Side Of The Bed!

A morning talk-show presented by husband and wife Cory and Gracelynn Chisholm (Taran Killam and Cecily Strong). Awkward moments abound when the camera regularly cuts to guests pressured to be entertaining.

Heather, a one-dimensional female character from a male-driven comedy

Cecily Strong embodies all the clichés of the female love interest during Weekend Update.


An overtly optimistic homeless man who appears on Weekend Update and is played by Kenan Thompson

Frida Santini

Weekend update character played by Kate McKinnon. She is a middle age woman who lives in Colin Jost's building and writes passive-aggressive notes to her neighbors.


Michael Che's high school friend, played by Bobby Moynihan. He likes to interrupt Che during Weekend Update and make fun of how easy reading cue cards is.

Brother 2 Brother

A Disney Channel sitcom based around two twin students played by Taran Killam and Chris Hemsworth. When Marky switches places in class with his much more muscular brother Matty, no one falls for it...

Former acting coach on The Jeffersons

A movie director (Kenan Thompson) is convinced that the drama he is shooting will be more powerful and moving if his actors act like they're in a broad 70's sitcom.


Gene and his wife (Kenan Thompson and Vanessa Bayer) bump into a former acquaintance of Gene's, accompanied by his girlfriend, aspiring British singer Jemma (Cecily Strong). The boyfriend makes the couple uncomfortable by relentlessly making unappropriate comments about Gemma's attractiveness, while Gene is too scared to ask them to leave.

The Janet Johnson-Luna Civil Trial

32 year-old Janet Johnson-Luna (Cecily Strong) is prosecuted for having sex with 16 year old student Gavin Daly (Pete Davidson). His mother is suing Luna on behalf of Gavin for emotional damage, but Gavin's testimony only proves how nontraumatic the experience was for him.

Kinky Elves

Elves purposefully botch their jobs and gleefully wait for their master to give them the punishment they deserve and desire.


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