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Ravensburg mediumwave transmitter

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The Ravensburg mediumwave transmitter is a facility for broadcasting Deutschlandfunk programs on 756 kHz with 100 kW near Horgenzell. The facility was inaugurated in 1951 and was used until 1964 by former Südwestfunk for broadcasting on 1539 kHz. For this, the facility used a 120-metre guyed mast.

In 1964 the facility was transferred to Deutsche Bundespost and used for transmitting the program of Deutschlandfunk on 755 kHz. In 1968 its transmission power was increased from 20 kW to 100 kW. To avoid jamming other stations, it had to be switched off at night. This changed in the 1970s, when a new mast was built. The old mast was transformed into a reflector mast to allow the use of directional radiation.


The station uses as antenna two guyed mast radiators, situated at 47.785504°N 9.518484°E / 47.785504; 9.518484 and 47.785349°N 9.519793°E / 47.785349; 9.519793. Both masts are 120 metres high and grounded. They were built in 1951 (eastern mast) and 1978 (western mast). Before 1964 the older mast was electrically divided into two parts by an intermediate insulator, still visible. The ladder on the mast at that spot runs outside.

The older mast is guyed on three levels: the wires of the topmost guy are not divided by insulators, but by coils at the anchor points. The lower guys use insulators.

The newer mast is guyed in two levels. All its guys are grounded via coils at the anchor points.


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