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Rashmi Singh

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Rashmi Singh

Live India

Known for
Fake sting operation


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Rashmi Singh is a journalist with the Live India news channel, who gained notoriety when she conducted a fake sting operation against a Delhi teacher in 2007.


Rashmi SINGH | Professor (Associate) | PhD | Pontifícia Universidade  Católica de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte | PUC-Minas | Departamento de  Relações Internacionais

Fake sting operation

In the sting conducted by local news channel Live India on a government school teacher 31 August 2007, Rashmi Singh, a local journalist, had posed as a schoolgirl and alleged that Uma Khurana, a teacher at the Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya School in Delhi (a Government school), pushed her and other girls into prostitution.

On 7 September 2007, Rashmi Singh was charged with cheating, fabricating evidence and conspiracy and consequently arrested by the Delhi Police. Prakash Singh of Live India channel was also arrested on the charge that he was the mastermind of the fake operation and instigated Rashmi Singh to participate, offering her a job at a news station. Rashmi Singh maintained that she was "just a victim in the whole case and had nothing to do with it". After she posted bail, she wanted to be an approver in the case and alleged that Prakash Singh, who was on the Live India channel, tried to blackmail her after she sought his help when a person harassed her for rejecting a marriage propsal.

The victim

Uma Khurana, a mathematics teacher, was arrested on 31 August 2007 after Live India telecast the fake sting operation, purportedly showing her as a part of a syndicate producing pornographic films, featuring her present and former girl students. The effect of the telecast was of such gravity that there was large scale violence in Old Delhi by protestors, the teacher was attacked by the mob and she was suspended and terminated from her job.

Court verdict

Uma Khurana, the accused teacher, was discharged of the case by the court and the private TV channel that aired the fake sting was also let off by the Court.


Editor-in-Chief of The Pioneer Chandan Mitra said "This is what gives sting operations a bad name. Stings have done so much good by exposing corruption but incidents like these will only give a chance to those looking to put more regulation in place for the media."


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