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Ranbir Rano

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Created by  Rajesh Beri
Starring  see below
Country of origin  India
Directed by  Chander Behi
Opening theme  "Ranbir Rano" by ??
Original language(s)  Hindi

Ranbir Rano is a Hindi television series that aired on Zee TV channel between 22 September 2008 – 28 May 2009. The story summary is: two young souls in search of love, as and a natural view of the Punjab and an unconditional belief in the power of destiny.



The story is set in a small town in the Punjab, 'Dera-Bassi'. Ranbir and Rano live in Dera-Bassi, but Rano is from a conservative Punjabi family and hence has limited exposure with the outside world. Her father is the station master of Dera-bassi and it is one day, on her way to 'Dharamsala' that she meets the man who is to become a part of her life – Ranbir. What transpires after is what dreams are made of – sweet moments between the couple, feuding households, and love that outshines the toughest of all obstacles.


  • Vinay Rohrra / Ravi Dubey ... Ranbir (Vinay was the old Ranbir)
  • Sakshi Talwar ... Rano
  • Achint Kaur ... Preet Bahan-Jee, Ranbir's eldest sister
  • Deep Dhillon... Ranbir's father
  • Rajendra Gupta ... Bau-Jee, Rano's Father
  • Pankaj Berry... Rano's Fouh-jee chacha/uncle
  • Kunika Lal ... Kamla, Rano's Step mother
  • Rohit Bharadwaj ...Sukhi, Rano's step brother.
  • Mihika Verma... Tina, Ranbir's close friend
  • Tarun Madan ... Vicky
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