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Rajyadhikara Party

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The Rajyadhikara Party is a new political party, comprising 94 castes of Backward Classes (BC), established in 2007 in Andhra Pradesh, India by V.G.R. Naragoni as its Founder-President.


Party history

Even after India attaining Independence from the British Raj in 1947, Andhra Pradesh state of India is governed till today either by Indian National Congress, dominated by one caste (5% of Andhra Pradesh population) of Forward Caste, or by Telugu Desam Party, dominated by another Forward Caste (3% of Andhra Pradesh population). This created a wide disparity in Socio-Economical development between Forward Caste and Backward Classes in Andhra Pradesh. Backward Classes, comprising 52% of population (consisting of 94 castes) in the Andhra Pradesh state, neither came to power by floating a political party before nor democratically elected member of Backward Classes community was allowed to become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh state through Indian National Congress or Telugu Desam Party. In fact, 90% of Andhra Pradesh Backward Classes do not have any representation in either Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh or Indian Parliament (Loksabha and Rajya Sabha). Naragoni floated a new party Rajyadhikara Party to represent 94 castes of Backward Classes to achieve political power to bring social, political, and economical developments to the backward and weaker sections of the state similar to a new political party, Mana Party, launched by another Backward Classes leader Kasani Gnaneshwar.

Party aims

The party aims in equal political and proportionate representation to all classes and caste of the people discarding the differences between the communities and religions in Andhra Pradesh of India.


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