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Railway accidents in Tasmania

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Bridgewater, 1886

On 22 July 1886 an express train from Launceston whilst crossing the viaduct at Bridgewater, the swing bridge opened and the engine fell into the river. The fireman and another person were supposed to have drowned.


Zeehan, 1887

2 killed.

Campania, 1916

On 15 February 1916,five passengers were killed and twenty nine seriously injured when the express from Launceston to Hobart, with 200 passengers on board, was derailed 3.2 km (2 miles) north of Campania, and 47 km (29 miles) from Hobart. The engine jumped the rails, and dragged after it the three front carriages. The carriage nearest the engine was smashed to pieces, while several others received injuries.

The accident occurred just before 1 o'clock. The train was rounding a curve, but a fairly easy one, as compared to some of the curves higher up the line. According to the statements of passengers, the speed was not very great, and no one seems to have any idea how the accident occurred.

Conara, 1992

On 1 December 1992, one person was killed.

Launceston, 2006

One person killed. The freight company Pacific National has admitted that it failed to provide a safe work system when a man died at its Launceston (East Tamar maintenance depot) rail-yards. The man was killed at Pacific National's when a wagon he was inspecting was shunted from the other end and pinned him.

Spreyton, 2010

On 26 September 2010 a boy was killed when his all-terrain vehicle collided with a train on a private road in Tasmania's north. The teenager failed to stop at a stop sign on a private driveway and rode into the path of a train carrying cement at Spreyton, just south of Devonport. He was thrown under the train and died instantly.

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