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Raheem Jarbo

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Birth name  Raheem Jameel Jarbo
Genres  Hip hop music, Nerdcore
Role  Rapper ·
Name  Raheem Jarbo
Years active  2006–present

Raheem Jarbo RYAN TAYLOR Nectar Lounge
Also known as  Random, Random Beats, Big Ran
Born  September 3, 1977 (age 38) (1977-09-03)
Origin  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Occupation(s)  Rapper, songwriter, record producer, teacher
Labels  RAHM Nation Recordings, River City Records
Associated acts  MC Frontalot, Reef the Lost Cauze, MC Lars, K-Murdock, Open Mike Eagle, Sammus
Albums  RNDM, Forever Famicom, Black Materia, Soul Veggies, Mega Ran 9

Raheem Jarbo

Raheem Jarbo, also known by his stage names Mega Ran and Random, is an American underground nerdcore rapper, chiptune DJ, and record producer. In February 2015, he changed his name to Mega Ran, removing Random from any releases.


Raheem Jarbo Exclusive Watch a Preview of a Documentary on Phoenix

Early life

Raheem Jarbo thesuperslicecomwpcontentuploads201308Rando

Jarbo was born in Philadelphia, PA to an American-born mother and African-born father. He has stated in interviews that he wrote his first song in 1993 and began producing in 2000. After college, Jarbo landed a job as an engineer in a Philadelphia studio, and recorded his first demo which caught the ear of Philadelphia emcee Ohene Savant, who had created a label as a home for creative hip-hop music. Jarbo resided in Philadelphia until a 2006 move to Phoenix, Arizona.


Raheem Jarbo Straight Outta Capcom Random Honors Mega Man WIRED

Jarbo holds a bachelor's degree from Penn State and worked full-time as a special education teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then as a middle school teacher in Phoenix, Arizona. Jarbo maintained both a music and teaching career until 2011, when he retired from teaching to focus on music full-time. Jarbo's albums are currently being utilized in coursework at Penn State University, Temple University, and Virginia Tech among others.


Jarbo released his debut album The Call in 2006, but is noted for releasing an album called Mega Ran, a tribute to the Mega Man video game series in 2007. This album landed Jarbo a licensing agreement with video game distributor Capcom and an opportunity to perform at the Capcom booth at Comic-Con in San Diego.

This album gained Jarbo a fan base within the nerdcore genre, as well as press coverage by Nintendo Power, IGN, Okayplayer, Complex, Exclaim, and Blender among others.

In 2009, Jarbo released a second Mega Man-based album, Mega Ran 9, based on the PlayStation Network, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade video game Mega Man 9. The album was released with the blessing of Capcom.

In 2010, Jarbo collaborated with producer K-Murdock of progressive hip-hop group Panacea and released Forever Famicom, an album containing samples from video games from various publishers on the NES and Super NES consoles.

In 2011, Jarbo created and released Black Materia, an album completely based on the PlayStation and PC game Final Fantasy VII.

In 2012, Jarbo released a remixed version of Black Materia entitled Black Materia: The Remixes. In March, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to release the three-part album, comic book and video game for Mega Ran in Language Arts. The goal was achieved, and Volume One was released in May, Volume Two in August, and Volume Three in November.

In 2013, Jarbo announced he would release one EP per month, titled Time and Space. January, February and March's EP releases were exclusively launched on video game website Destructoid. It was also at this time that Jarbo began referring to his style of music as "Chip-Hop."

In 2013, Jarbo collaborated with New Jersey rapper Mister Wilson and released Blur Bomber, an adaptation of the Archie Comics story arc for the Mega Man and Sonic cross-over in Worlds Collide .

In 2015, Jarbo released his latest album "Soul Veggies" which was his most commercially successful album to date. Mega Ran also toured with Bag of Tricks Cat for the #EmeraldKnightsTour which included a trip to various UK cities.

Video games

In 2009, Jarbo teamed with Capcom to feature on a hip-hop alternate soundtrack to hit title Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Jarbo appears on a song entitled "The Remainder is One". The album is downloadable on PlayStation Network and at Marvel Comics' website.

In 2010 and 2011, Jarbo's music was covered in video game publications Game Developer and Nintendo Power. Jarbo's album based on the game Final Fantasy VII was featured, and was included in the June 2011 issue of Game Informer and PlayStation: The Official Magazine.

In 2012, Jarbo and Chicago-based developers Lunar Giant Studios released the first installment of the Mega Ran video game, loosely based on the album Mega Ran in Language Arts.

In April 2013, Jarbo lent guest vocals to a track on the soundtrack of the award-winning video game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine called "Welcome To Monaco.

In September 2013, Jarbo and K-Murdock performed at the first ever Halo 4 Global Championships in Seattle. The event was broadcast on Xbox Live and online.

In June 2015, Jarbo announced via YouTube that he had been chosen to perform the ending credits theme for the game Mighty No. 9. his track will appear on his forthcoming album "RNDM" as well.

Film and television

Jarbo's song "Grow Up" from the Mega Ran album plays during the end credits of Second Skin, an independent film which debuted at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas in 2008.

In 2010, Jarbo's song "Splash Woman" played on episodes of TNA IMPACT! and on the ABC special "The Ten Most Fascinating People in America" hosted by Barbara Walters. It has also been featured in the "Aimee" episode of IFC's Portlandia and Comedy Central's Tosh.0.

Jarbo hosted a weekly hip-hop reality show on his YouTube channel called "Life After Lesson Plans". In the final episode he details leaving teaching for music full-time to tour with mc chris.

In February 2012, Jarbo recorded and released a song called "Mega Ran's Jeremy Lin Rap", dedicated to the rise to fame of NBA player Jeremy Lin. The song went on to be a viral smash, amassing over 150,000 hits in two days on YouTube, and appearing on the ESPN show SportsCenter.

In August 2014, Glasswork Media released a documentary titled Mega-Lo-Mania chronicling a recent tour by Random a.k.a. Mega Ran. Filmmaker Michael Cardoza traveled alongside Jarbo and soul/funk band, The Lo-Classics, through three cities to film the documentary.


Jarbo has toured the U.S. as headliner and as support for mc chris, MC Lars, Louis Logic, Homeboy Sandman, Open Mike Eagle, and others. He has performed at the SXSW Music Festival in 2008-2017, the Nerdapalooza festival in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, and San Diego Comic-Con 2011-2015. He embarked upon his first European tour in July 2011, and in December 2011, provided support on the More B.A.R.K. Less Bitin' Tour of Japan with DJ Asu Rock, K-Murdock, and jazz-hop artists Substantial and Marcus D. Jarbo returned to Japan after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Jarbo performed at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in 2013. He also performed at the east coast's music and gaming festival, MAGfest, in 2014 to 2016.

Solo Albums

  • 2001 - Archetype
  • 2006 - The Call (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2007 - Mega Ran (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2008 - The 8th Day (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2009 - Mega Ran 9 (RAHM Nation, Capcom)
  • 2011 - Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII (with Lost Perception)
  • 2012 - Mega Ran in Language Arts (RandomBeats Music)
  • 2015 - RNDM (RandomBeats Music)
  • 2017 - Extra Credit (RandomBeats Music)
  • Collaborative Projects

  • 2010 - Forever Famicom with K-Murdock (Neosonic Productions)
  • 2011 - The Memorandum (with Mr. Miranda) Random Beats Music
  • 2011 - Forever Famicom: DLC with K-Murdock (Neosonic Productions)
  • 2012 - The Ghouls 'n Ghosts EP (with Richie Branson)
  • 2013 - Blur Bomber (with Mister Wilson)
  • 2013 - Ghouls 'n Ghosts 2 (with Richie Branson)
  • 2014 Forever Famicom: DLC 3 with K-Murdock
  • 2015 - Soul Veggies (with Storyville) (Brick Records)
  • EPs

  • 2005 - Fundamentals EP
  • 2008 - Patches and Glue (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2012 - River City Random (self-released)
  • 2013 - Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata (Joypad Records)
  • 2013 - TRAP (self released)
  • 2014 - A Gamer's Anthem (w/The Regiment Hip-Hop Duo) (HiPNOTT Records)
  • Mixtapes and Limited Releases

  • 2006 - The Call: The Remix Tape
  • 2009 - RANDOMONIUM (Japan Only)
  • 2009 - TeacherRapperHero: The Random Mixtape
  • 2010 - Heroes, Volume One
  • 2011 - TeacherRapperHero Vol. 2: Two Weeks Notice
  • 2011 - Mega Ran 10
  • 2012 - Black Materia: The Remixes
  • 2014 - TRAP 2 (Self released)
  • 2014 - The Call: 8 Bit Anniversary Edition
  • Guest Appearances

  • 2005 - "Beats & Rhymes" on The Chancellor (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2007 - "Gnosis" & "Faculty Meeting" on Legend of … The Chancellor (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2007 - "No Grudge" on Nina Simone by … Ohene (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2008 - "Black Box" by MC Frontalot on "Final Boss" (Level Up/Nerdcore Fervor)
  • 2008 - "Don't Look Back" on Escape Plan (Deep Scene Productions)
  • 2008 - "Grown" on American Scholar (RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC)
  • 2009 - "The Remainder is One" on Marvel vs. Capcom Mixtape (Capcom)
  • 2010 - "To Whom Much is Given" on Back and Forth (Koyto Mixtapes)
  • 2010 - "Dustman" by MC Esoteric on "Fly Casualties"
  • 2011 - "Me and the Mouse" by MC Lars on "Indie Rocket Science" (Horris Records)
  • 2011 - "Easy Mode (Remix) by Kabuto The Python on "The Kvetch Sessions: I Hate Everything" (Scrubclub Records)
  • 2012 - "The Tell Tale <3" by MC Lars on "The Edgar Allan Poe EP" (Horris Records)
  • 2012 - "Play It By Ear" on "Gigantic, Vol 1" by Small Pro (Diamond Music Group)
  • 2012 - "The Promise ft. MegaRan (Halo 4 Remix)" by "Dj CUTMAN" (Halo 4 Soundtrack Remix contest)
  • 2012 - "The Blues ft. Mega Ran" by Marcus D on "Retro'd"
  • 2013 - "Game Over" by SkyBlew (self released)
  • 2013 - "Big Kid Remix" by Doug Funnie
  • 2013 - "Jazzy NYC" by Mister Wilson on The Mister Wilson Show
  • 2013 - "Blurred Lines Freestyle" by Mister Wilson on The Mister Wilson Show
  • 2014 - "World 3-8 - Smash Bros" by Creative Mind Frame (aka 1-UP) on Nerdcore Emulation Station (NES)
  • 2014 - "Outsiders" by Mikal kHill on The Snuggle is Real (self-released)
  • 2014 - "Plight of the Shoobies" by Skyblew on Skyblew's UNModern Life (Random Beats Music)
  • 2014 - "Space Marines" by The Extremities on "Instruments" (Self Released)
  • 2015 - "Warp Formula" by Wordburglar on "Rapplicable Skills" (Hand'Solo Records)
  • 2017 - "Betsy DeVos" by Nomad Hip Hop on "100 Days of Reign"
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