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Raga, South Sudan

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Country  South Sudan
County  Raga County
Elevation  545 m
Number of airports  1
State  Lol State
Time zone  EAT (UTC+3)
Local time  Thursday 12:43 PM
Raga, South Sudan

Weather  39°C, Wind SE at 10 km/h, 15% Humidity

Raga also called Raja is a town in South Sudan and the capital of Lol State.


Map of Raga, South Sudan


The town is located in Raga County, Lol State, in the northwestern corner of South Sudan, near the International borders with the Republic of Sudan and the Central African Republic. It is located approximately 300 kilometres (190 mi), by road, northwest of Wau, the capital of Western Bahr el Ghazal State. This location lies approximately 950 kilometres (590 mi), by road, northwest of Juba, the capital and largest city in that country. The coordinates of Raga are: 8° 28' 12.00"N, 25° 40' 48.00"E (Latitude: 8.4700; Longitude: 25.6800). Raga's average elevation is 545 metres (1,788 ft) above sea level.


Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as tropical wet and dry (Aw).


Raga is a small but growing town that straddles the Raga River. Life in Raga has been described by a native author, Naomi Baki, who was raised in Raga till she was forced to leave the city at the age of 14.


It is estimated that the population of Raga was 3,700 in 2010.


From Raga, the main road north (B41) leads to Al Murrah in the Republic of Sudan. B41-South leads to Wau, South Sudan. Raga is also served by Raga Airport.


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