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Raakhandaar movie poster

Release date
26 September 2014 (2014-09-26)

Raakhandaar marathi movie official trailer

Raakhandaar (Marathi: राखानदार) is a 2014 Fiction, Philosophy, Drama Marathi film directed & produced by Mrunalinni Patil. It stars Jitendra Joshi, Anuja Sathe, Ajinkya Deo in lead roles The film was released on 26 September 2014.


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Is a story about faith in God and his existence. Sadanad is poor chap who some how meet his ends by working in a company workshop, he is a happy go lucky kind of a person even after he has been thrown out of his job he keeps his faith and eventually starts his own business. Who help him start his business? How he mate with the love of his life? Will they able to live happily ever after? who is trying to prove his faith wrong?


Jitendra Joshi deserves kudos for underplaying his role while Ajinkya Deo passes muster as the Khandoba. While Yatin Karyerkar is just about okay, Anuja Sathe scores in her debut role as an actress. Choreography is excellent in the film and the director deserves kudos for the way she has handled the film without boring you.

Though the film is a feel good film, what mars it is the fact that it takes the viewers back to the 70’s when such goody goody tales about how a man succeeds in life thanks to God’s help were popular.

The film has an old world charm about it and will certainly appeal to the families.


  • Ajinkya Deo as Khushaba
  • Jitendra Joshi as Sadanand Lokre
  • Anuja Sathe As Madhavi
  • Yatin Karyekar
  • Music launch

    Director Mrunalinni Patil's Marathi film Raakhandar is all set to release on 26 September. Its music release and first look was launched recently in the presence of Ramesh Deo, Seema Deo, Suryakanta Patil, Ajinkya Deo, Anuja Sathe, Yateen Karyekar, Satish Pulekar, Annuup Choudhary, Hansraj Jagtap, music director Kanakraj, Sameer Phaterpekar, Prakash Gajanan Rane, Swapnil Bandodkar, Rohit Shyam Raut, Nanu Bhai & others.

    With the star cast of Jitendra Joshi, Ajinkya Deo, Anuja Sathe and Ravindra Mahajani (guest appearance), it is the story of faith and belief in God.

    We can't see him but the faith in him can bring him to us in different forms. He can be the friend, a teacher, a passerby or a father. Raakhandaar has been interwoven around this belief that god does exist through the point of view of our protagonist Sadanand Lokare.

    A simple loving man, Sadanand cannot say "No" ever. It's a sequence of incidents where he loses his job, meets different people, marries and is in the end tested for his faith in God. Will he pass the test? Produced under the banner of Surya Films Creation, its story, screenplay & dialogue are by Anand More, Cinematographer is Jahangir Choudhry, Editor is Kuldip Mehan, Executive Producer is Bansilal More, Music Director is Kanak Raj and Lyricist is Pha. Mu. Shinde. Its title song sung by Sukhwinder Singh was shot at Jejuri temple near Pune.

    According to Mrunalinni Dayal Patil, "The USP of the film is KHANDOBA, a god widely worshipped like Vithoba in Maharashtra, plus the treatment and screenplay runs in a commercial format. Sukhwinder Singh has already sung two songs for the film and one song is by Shankar Mahadevan and one item song by Vaishali Samant is done. The film is about a simple guy who helps all and is honest and blunt in speaking. He gets fired from job and he returns to his father cobbler shop disheartened. This is where his interaction with Vithoba begins."

    Music review

    The music is full of devotion, melody and splendid music First song in the album is tujhya mule. It begins with a peppy music piece that includes whistling sound also. Sung by Vaishali Samant & Rohit Raut the track is a melodious song that has good percussion music in it. Between the stanzas some music pieces heard are too good.

    Another track is chandrama to maza sung by legendary singer Kavita Krishnamurthy & Swapnil Bandodkar is a song that creates atmosphere of tranquillity. The track begins with voice of Kavita Krishnamurthy and then later male voice takes over. I liked the song for its guitar music piece and the sounds of bells inserted in between the stanzas. It is a lengthy song but holds due to its music quality.

    The song on the Lord Khandoba has been sung by popular singer Sukhwinder Singh. It seems to have come from the heart of the singer. It is a dancing number with a nice opening music piece. Some local musical instruments are used in the song to give it an original touch. Being a song praising Khandoba with nice lyrics, the song oozes feel of traditions and devotion. Chorus singing is equally worth praise in the song. The beats and the rhythms in this number are perfectly in sync to make it a song that we remember for longer time.

    Nahi sadhu kivha me santa is a dancing track sung by Rohit Raut. It is a fast track song and the whole mukhda has been sung by the singer in one breath that gives it a different touch. Singer Rohit has modulated his voice in a well manner to make it a high-quality song.

    With a soulful yodelling by Sukhwinder Singh in the number Tu ya jagacha rakhandaar, it is another song in the album that will make its mark in the hearts of listeners. The song has been composed beautifully with a good use of rise and fall of music in it. It gives feeling of being a majestic song.

    Beginning with sounds of bird chirping and water droplets falling, the song angai is another classic number in the album. Shankar Mahadevan has lend his voice to this song. We can hear some stringed instrumental music in the song and other good music pieces. Another particular thing about this song is that Shankar has softened his voice to give it a melodious touch.

    There is a Tandav, an instrumental music in the album. It is invigorating music piece that refreshs our mood. Overall Rakhandar has won on front of its music and hard work of music department has paid off.


    The outline of the plot for the movie Rakhandaar runs around the faith that a common man might hold upon the presence of God. Sadanand, the main protagonist, happens to be a poor man. He somehow manages to survive working in the workshops of a company.

    The guy managed to live together happily or not. One needs to catch this movie once it arrives to the cinemas on the twenty sixth of September. Probably then, the audience shall gets a chance to introspect and find out the extent to which they hold their faith on God.

    The film has got Ajinkya Deo, Anuja sathe, Jitendra Joshi and Yatin Karyekar in its various important roles. Dr. Mrunalinni Patil had handled two important roles of directing and producing the movie while the story got scripted of the pens of Anand More. Keeping tract with the softness of the movie, the music had been directed by Kanakraj. The music director is optimist of showering the beauty of the devotional essence upon the minds of the audience.

    As per the director, this film is all about the ongoing tassels between the ones one trust in existence of God and the others who defy. Indian cinemas had a rich heritage of dealing with films of philosophical genres and the director is optimist to get the name of the film into the list of such names. The fate for this movie shall only depend upon the audience, the god, whose existence had never been questioned by the men from the silver screen.


    The Soundtrack of Raakhandaar was composed by Kanakraj.


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