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Quintus Valerius Pompey

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Gender  Male
First appearance  "An Owl in a Thornbush"
Last appearance  "Passover"
Portrayed by  Rick Warden
Title  Plebs
Quintus Valerius Pompey httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb0
Family  Pompey (father) Cornelia Metella (step-mother)
Similar  Cato the Younger, Posca, Timon, Servilia of the Junii, Erastes Fulmen

Quintus Valerius Pompey is a fictional character in the HBO/BBC2 original television series, Rome, played by Rick Warden. He is described as the "natural son" of Pompey. The basis for this character is unclear. There is no historical mention of a Quintus Valerius Pompey, though a lineage with the name Quintus Pompeius (relatives of Pompeia, wife of Julius Caesar) instead existed, but the character may be meant to represent the two sons of Pompey, Sextus Pompeius and Gnaeus Pompeius. He is mentioned to be a great sailor, a trait which Sextus Pompeius had. He also exhibits some of traits reportedly held by the Optimate general Titus Labienus.



A morose and violent man, Quintus is somewhat unpleasant to be around. He pours a constant stream of threats and insults towards enemies, friends and allies. He is however fiercely loyal to his father and the republic. He also possesses a considerable talent at political skulduggery, interrogation and subterfuge in general.

Character history

Resentful and pragmatic, Quintus is initially an effective tool of his father Pompey Magnus. He was commander of the Tyrrhenian fleet, "Neptune's Scourge," probably a reference to the historical Sextus Pompeius.

He crossed paths with Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus while attempting to recapture the stolen treasury gold of Rome – which resulted in his capture and deliverance to Caesar.

After the defeat and destruction of the Optimates' forces, and the death of his father, he lacks the structure and control that his father had provided all his life, and is lost, slipping into drunken decay, living only for revenge.

He is taken in by Servilia, who provides him with a "purpose and structure" again as he aids her with the anti-Caesar propaganda campaign.

After Caesar is assassinated, he is killed by Mark Antony, whom he had earlier tried to kill.


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