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Type  Private
Headquarters  Houston
Parent organization  Qualspec Inc.
Predecessor  KT
Founded  1991
Quantapoint httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen77aQua
Industry  3D Laser Scanning Technology and Services
Area served  North America, Latin America, European Union, Nigeria, South Africa, South East Asia
Key people  John R. Wilson (President and CEO) Eric Hoffman (Founder and Executive Vice President)
Products  PRISM 3D (3D laser scanning data viewer) QuantaCAD (3D laser scanning data integration with CAD) AccessPoint (3D laser scanning data integration with facility information)

Quantapoint, Inc. is a technology and services company that develops and uses patented 3D laser scanning hardware and software. Quantapoint creates a Digital Facility using 3D laser scanning and then provides visualization, analysis, quality control, decision support and documentation services for buildings, museums, refineries, chemical plants, nuclear and fossil-fuel power plants, offshore platforms and other structures.



Quantapoint was founded as K2T, Inc (or K2T) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1991 by Eric Hoffman, Pradeep Khosla, Takeo Kanade and other Carnegie Mellon University faculty members. K2T focused on creating custom robotics and 3D range-finding imaging systems to help them navigate complex environments. The most notable are the laser range-finding system created in 1992 for the DANTE walking robot that explored Mount Erebus in Antarctica as part of a NASA sponsored competition

[The above reference to Quantapoint involvement in design and development of 1992 Dante 3D laser scan system is materially false and blatant plagiarism. The Dante 3D 360 degree laser scanning system was singularly conceived, designed and implemented by former CMU design engineer Mr. Bryon K. Smith. Quantpoint/K2T was not associated with design or implementation of Dante 3D laser scanning systems in any way. The repeated use of this reference by Quantapoint associated with various company publications; in spite of documented historical fact; is both unethical and damaging to individuals actually credited with body of original work. The continued use of this claim by Quantapoint will result is legal action and damage liability.]

and the 360-degree phase-based 3D laser scanner named SceneModeler created in 1997.

The company name was changed to Quantapoint in 1999 to reflect the focus on 3D laser scanning hardware, software and services.

Initially Quantapoint focused on using 3D laser scanning to "digitize" buildings and create 2D drawings, 3D models and/or other animations or visualizations for renovations, additions or historic preservation. Notable projects include the Museum of Modern Art, the Theban Mapping Project in the Valley of the Kings, Monticello and the Guggenheim Museum.

Since 2002, Quantapoint has served the chemical, petroleum and power industries both globally and within the United States. Most recently, Quantapoint has also worked with the United States General Services Administration (GSA).

Throughout its history, Quantapoint has received several patents and awards for the 3D laser scanner hardware and 3D laser scanning data software that it has developed.

3D laser scanner hardware

Quantapoint uses both its own 3D laser scanner hardware, the SceneModeler 5 and SceneModeler 9, and the Photon from Faro Systems. Quantapoint has a fleet of more than twenty (20) 3D laser scanners.

Digital facility

The Quantapoint Digital Facility consists of the following:

  • Laser Models: Quantapoint technology that integrates all 3D laser scanning data to provide detailed, high-definition 3D solid "models" of a facility. Quantapoint avoids using the term "point cloud" or "cloud of points".
  • Laser Images: Photo-realistic, perspective-corrected panoramic images of individual 3D laser scans.
  • 3D laser scanning data software

    Quantapoint provides the following software for using the 3D laser scanning data in the Digital Facility:

  • PRISM 3D: View and interact with Laser Images and Laser Models directly.
  • CAD Conversion Option for PRISM 3D: Import 3D CAD models into PRISM 3D to view with or clash against Laser Models.
  • QuantaCAD: View and interact Laser Images and Laser Models within 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software, including AutoCAD, AutoPlant, AVEVA Review, MicroStation XM, PDS, PDMS, Revit, SmartMarine 3D, SmartPlant Review and SmartPlant 3D.
  • AccessPoint: View and interact Laser Images and Laser Models via the Internet and integrate with facility information.
  • Alliances/software development relationships

    Quantapoint has alliances or software development relationships to integrate laser data with software from Autodesk, AVEVA, Bentley Systems and Intergraph.


    Quantapoint has locations within the United States (Pittsburgh, Houston, Los Angeles), England, Scotland and Nigeria. Quantapoint also uses representatives in various countries, such as Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, Malaysia and Brazil.


    Quantapoint has received the following awards for its laser scanning technology and services:

  • World Oil Award: Laser Model Technology named as a finalist for the Best Data Management Solution Award.
  • Engineering and Construction Contracting Association (ECC) Academy Award: Quantapoint's Laser Model technology and Zero-defect services as "Technologies Which are Pioneering Our Ability to Innovate and Add Value in Our Project Industry".
  • FIATECH Celebration of Engineering Technology & Innovation (CETI) Award: Quantapoint's Laser Model technology was recognized as "a significant achievement that benefits all capital projects".
  • R&D Magazine's R&D 100 Awards: Quantapoint PRISM 3D and QuantaCAD have both been named one of the 100 most innovative products of the year.
  • Pittsburgh Business Times Pittsburgh 100 Award: Quantapoint has been named one of the 100 fasting growing companies in the Pittsburgh region three times.
  • Saleforce.com Success Story: Quantapoint recognized for innovative use of Salesforce.com to further improve operational efficiency and customer focus.
  • Articles

    Quantapoint has published or been included in the articles from the following magazines:

  • Hydrocarbon Processing: Laser Scanning Technology Improves Plant Quality, Safety and Training, Digitize Your Plant Using Laser Scanning for Easier Access to Information, Comparing Historical and Laser Scan Surveys to Identify Discrepancies and Laser Scanning Solutions Secure Accurate Dimensional Data.
  • AVEVA Pipeline: Aker Solutions Achieves Design and Construction Goals in Record Time
  • Intergraph Insight: A Value-Add for Revamps
  • Offshore Technology Conference Newsletter: Advancements in the Usability of Laser Scan Data
  • Petroleum Technology Quarterly: Digitising Plants using Laser Scanning
  • Power Engineering: Laser Scanning Can Help Meet NRC Safety Assessment Mandate
  • Power Magazine: Laser Scanning Yields Digital As-builts
  • Smart Business: Gut Check.
  • Zillion: Beating Project Schedules and Budgets
  • Patents

    Quantapoint has been issued the following patents in the United States and has filed for similar patents in the EU, Canada and Japan:

  • 360-degree 3D Laser Scanning: 6,034,803, 6,373,612, 6,906,837 and 7,365,891.
  • 3D Laser Scan Registration: 7,180,072.
  • Creating Layout from 3D Laser Scan Data: 6,446,030 and 7,127,378.
  • References

    Quantapoint Wikipedia