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Pyura praeputialis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Ascidiacea
Family  Pyuridae
Genus  Pyura
Order  Pleurogona
Subphylum  Tunicata
Suborder  Stolidobranchia
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
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Similar  Pyura, Pyura stolonifera, Pyura doppelgangera, Pyuridae, Pyura dalbyi

Pyura praeputialis is an intertidal and shallow water species of tunicate. It is one of three species of "cunjevoi" in Australasia (the other two being the yellow cunjevoi P. dalbyi and the doppelganger cunjevoi P. doppelgangera). It is the first reported species of marine organism to create a "foam-nest" for its larvae.



Pyura praeputialis is common in coastal areas of the Australian mainland and ranges from southern Queensland to Cape Otway in Victoria. It is a non-indigenous species in Antofagasta, Chile.

This species is an ecosystem engineer that can drastically alter habitats by overgrowing other sessile marine invertebrates. This makes it a likely problem species when introduced to new habitats.


This species is part of the "P. stolonifera species complex", a group of large tunicates that are all often referred to as P. stolonifera (a species endemic to temperate southern Africa). It is also sometimes called "P. stolonifera praeputialis". Compared to other species in the species complex that have onion-shaped bodies, P. praeputialis is taller, cylindrical in shape and often has a greater diameter at the top than at the base.


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