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Pyrolobus fumarii

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Domain  archaea
Genus  Pyrolobus
Rank  Species
Higher classification  Pyrolobus
Family  Pyrodictiaceae
Scientific name  Pyrolobus fumarii
Phylum  Crenarchaeota
Order  Desulfurococcales
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Similar  Strain 121, Pyrodictium, Hyperthermus

Pyrolobus fumarii is a species of Archaea known for its ability to live at extremely high temperatures that kill most organisms.

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It was first discovered in 1997 in a black smoker hydrothermal vent at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, setting the upper temperature threshold for known life to exist at 113 °C.

Pyrolobus fumarii Pyrolobus fumarii type strain 1AT GEBA Genome Papers Pinterest

Strain 121, a microbe from the same family found at a vent in the Pacific Ocean, survived and multiplied during a 10-hour interval spent at 121 °C in an autoclave.

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