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Birth name  Mikko Kuoppala
Occupation(s)  Rapper
Origin  Helsinki, Finland
Genres  Hip hop music
Name  Mikko Kuoppala
Role  Rapper
Instruments  Vocals

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Also known as  Pyhi, Miguel Santos, Michael J. Fax, Michel J. Fix, Michael J. Fux, Lika-Aki, Holy Mike, Paradise Mikko
Born  28 October 1981 (age 34) (1981-10-28)
Labels  Monsp Records, Yellowmic Records
Music groups  Teflon Brothers (Since 2006), Ruger Hauer
Albums  Pettymys, Paranoid, Vieras, Arvoitus koko ihmi, Katuvisioita

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Mikko Kuoppala (born 28 October 1981), professionally known as Pyhimys (in English The Saint), is a Finnish rapper, songwriter and founder of the record company Yellowmic Records. He has gained success both as a solo artist and as a member of groups such as Teflon Brothers and Ruger Hauer. He is also working as a songwriter.


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Solo career

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Pyhimys was signed to Monsp Records in early 2006. Previously he had released independently some material, such as the Tapaus trilogy in 2004 (Poikkeustapaus, Ongelmatapaus and Rajatapaus). His first official release was Ai, tähän väliin? EP in May 2006.

Pyhimys Pyhimys Katin Tavara

In September 2007, Pyhimys released his first official album Salainen Maailma. The album received generally positive reviews, although some critics blamed it for being too long and for exhausting listeners with too much lyrical content. His second album Tulva followed just six months later in March 2008, and in August 2008, Pyhimys collaborated with a fellow rapper Timo Pieni Huijaus on an album Arvoitus koko ihminen.

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In May 2011, Pyhimys returned with his third album Medium, and in October 2011, he released Paranoid, a 13-track album with each song named "Paranoid" and produced by Steen1. In an interview later that year, Pyhimys said that he would be quitting his solo career, although he plans to continue performing with his two groups.

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Pyhimys teamed up with Heikki Kuula in February 2012 on an album Katuvisioita which they released under pseudonyms Perhosveitsi-Heikki and Lika-Aki.

Teflon Brothers and Ruger Hauer

Pyhimys formed a group Teflon Brothers with Heikki Kuula and Voli in 2006, and their first album T was released in July 2009. Teflon Brothers released a free mixtape Iso hätä in April 2010, and their second album © followed in August 2010. Their third album, Valkoisten dyynien ratsastajat, was released in January 2013.

Pyhimys is also a part of the group Ruger Hauer, with Tommishock and Paperi T. Their first album Se syvenee syksyllä came out in November 2010, and in October 2012, they released a follow-up album, Erectus.


Mikko Kuoppala is signed as a writer to Elements Music. He has written songs for artists such as Kasmir, Arttu Wiskari, Mikael Gabriel and Diandra.


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