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Putri Bidadari

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Created by  SinemArt
Directed by  UMAM AP
Presented by  Deswita Maharani
Final episode date  6 January 2013
Number of seasons  1
Cast  Sandra Dewi
Developed by  Maudy Ayunda
Creative director(s)  Desiana Larasati
First episode date  27 August 2012
Network  RCTI
Location  Jakarta
Putri Bidadari FROM TIME TO TIME Episode 1 50 7 November 2012 Sinetron Putri
Genre  Children Comedy Fantasy
Similar  Tangan‑Tangan Mungil, Bidadari, Kasih Dan Bidadari, Siti Bling‑Bling, Semua Sayang Eneng

Putri bidadari part 5 sinema siang 25 juli 2016

Putri Bidadari (English:Princess Angel) is an Indonesian long-running soap opera with full-episode. It was produced by SinemArt Productions and network by RCTI in daily at 17:00 until 18:00 WIB, 18:00 until 19:00 WITA and 19:00 until 20:00 WIT and starred character such as Qheyla Zavyera Valendro, Sandra Dewi and Atalarik Syah.


Putri Bidadari FROM TIME TO TIME Episode 1 50 7 November 2012 Sinetron Putri

Putri bidadari part 3 sinema siang 22 juli 2016


Putri Bidadari Putri Bidadari RCTI PBidadariRCTI Twitter

PUTRI (Qeyla) is a beautiful little girl, sweet, cheerful, very kind-hearted, mature for his age, and good-hearted. My daughter lives with her father MAHMUD (Ponco Buwono), his mother SARI (Jihan Fahira), and grandmother GRANDMA IDA (Nenna Rosier.) One day, Mahmud led to a fire in the house of her employer, Jeffery (Ashraf Sinclair), which causes Jeffery family, DINI (Aura Kasih) his wife, and BABY (Salwa Azis) children died. Jeffry also seek to hold accountable Mahmud.

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Mahmud who fear had left his family when Jeffry came. Jeffry then intend to take the daughter. But fortunately Sari and daughter managed to escape from the pursuing Jeffery to run into the woods. But an accident claimed the lives of Sari in the forest, so the daughter had to live alone with Grandma Ida. Before he died, Sari had to say farewell to the princess with great affection. Sari asked daughter not to be sad and always spread love to everyone. Sari was last tears. Miraculously, tears Sari was transformed into a beautiful crystal and shimmering. Apparently, the amount of affection for daughter Sari has touched the hearts of Angels. Angel came down to earth to protect the Putri through tears Sari, the transformed into a crystal. Jeffry had turned out to see it in disbelief. Jeffry was making plans to seize it from the Crystal Putri, to bring back his family who have died.

Putri Bidadari Putri Bidadari Eps 1 Part 2 YouTube

Originally daughter did not notice a change in him. He was just surprised to find a beautiful crystal in her bag. Putri had remembered the tales that often read Sari at night before sleeping putri. But Grandma Ida reminded that it is only fiction. But when the second angel saved him again from venomous snake bites, the Putri was willing to not want to believe. Putri was glad of the presence of angels at his side and help him. He also summoned the angel by the name Bundadari. After that, it was always Putri Crystal store in the bag.

Putri Bidadari Putri Bidadari PutriBidadari Twitter

Putri was then undergo adventures with the help of Angels. Daughter with love and innocence also helped a lot of friends, neighbors in the village to solve the problems of their lives.

Putri Bidadari putri bidadari YouTube

Concern grew when Mahmud daughter secretly returned and complicate Grandma Ida and daughter. Angel was still faithful to help Putri resolve any problem.

How is the story of Princess in the day-to-day with an angel who always look after . . ?


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