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Putnam City North High School

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Type  public school
Locale  Suburban
Principal  Dr. Brian Chastain
Mascot  Panther
Established  1978
Authority  OSDE
Phone  +1 405-722-4220
Colors  Gold, Cardinal
Putnam City North High School
Motto  "It's a great day to be Alive, it's a great day to be a Panther!"
Address  11800 N Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73162, USA
District  Putnam City School District

Putnam City North High School (PCN, PC North) is a public high school situated in Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States It is accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and is one of three high schools in the Putnam City School District. Offering education in grades nine through twelve, North is among the highest scoring public schools in Oklahoma, ranging from End of Instruction tests to college admission exams.


Seeing success at all levels, the vast majority of seniors continue their education upon graduation, notably the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, as well as the Francis Tuttle Technology Center. The school serves approximately 2,000 students. The school is the twelfth largest high school in Oklahoma. It is a nationally accredited Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.


Putnam City North High School opened its doors August 24, 1978. In its first year, the school took 750 sophomores and juniors from Putnam City High School and Hefner Junior High School.

In 1993, the school added a freshman class and became a four-year high school.


The school's campus is composed of the main building, including classrooms, offices, a cafeteria, student commons areas, indoor athletic facilities, and the Performing Arts Center. A front amphitheater acts as an outdoor cafeteria for students. An athletic field house offers athletes a weight room and locker facilities. Outdoor athletic facilities - including a football field, tennis courts, a baseball field, a softball field, and a soccer field - a provided for students in athletic programs. Two main parking lots are located on the North and East sides of the school, with additional parking at the South entrance for faculty.

Main Building

The main building contains three main hallways labeled by alphabet, A, B, and C Halls, with a commons area between the A and B Halls. Various satellite halls radiate in a ladder-like fashion across A and B Halls, and are lettered D, E, F, G, and H. An entrance hallway, entitled Panther Hall, is located at the main student entrance, and connects B and C halls. B hall houses the main, college, and the main counselor offices. Panther Hall houses the attendance office.

Commons Area

Unlike many high schools that impose traditional cafeteria style socialization, North encourages a friendly atmosphere in student commons areas. "The commons" are divided into the Upper and Lower Commons and are used as an eating area during lunch as well as a local gathering space for clubs, most notably Students United of North (or "SUN") meetings.

The Upper Commons houses the Leadership and Activities office (in conjunction with the SUN office), a teacher workroom, and conference room. Aside from its official duties, the Lower Commons area is also used for various school dances and activities.

Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center (or "PAC") was completed and first used in early 1986. It is a vast theater boasting 1600+ seats in the main seating area and the mezzanine balcony seating area. The PAC underwent restoration late in the 2005-2006 school year, which included tearing out all existing seats and carpet for cleaning and replacement. Completed in late 2007, the PC North PAC is considered one of the best scholastic Performing Arts Centers in Oklahoma.

Because of the school's fabulous reputation in having premium facilities for the Performing Arts, The Kennedy Center has rented the facilities for two days yearly since 2007. The production is targeted to an elementary audience.


While faculty members park on the west side of the building, all students park to the north or east parking lots. For safety reasons, the front of the school as well as the student parking lot have been moved to the East side of the building so not to be easily accessible from Rockwell. This is done to keep students on campus and to easily monitor who is entering and exiting campus, thus providing difficult access by potential intruders.

There used to be additional student parking on "Sophomore Row", a small road to the south of the school. Due to break-ins, this area was closed.

Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to bid for parking spaces each semester and, based on the amount of their bid, receive a personal reserved parking space close to the door of their choice. All proceeds go to the Cancer Fund Drive held at the end of the year, and is recommended for those who show up later than most and wish not to find a parking spot

Student organizations

Putnam City North has many opportunities for students to be involved, most notably in one of its many student organizations. The many clubs and organizations at the school offer something of interest to almost everybody and can provide a great way to meet friends who share common interests. There is a club/organization fair held each year at the Freshman/New Student orientation just before school starts, where each organization can showcase its program to prospective members.

Some notable organizations include:

Spirit Organizations

Spirit organizations have always been a part of the North student body. The school's current spirit organization is called the ZOO. Earlier spirit organizations in North's history included BRA (Boys Rooting Association), active in the 1980s/90s. THE RED ZONE in 2005-2006 kicked the schools spirit into high gear.

Debate/National Forensic League

Putnam City North has made much progress during the past few years in the world of forensics. As a result, the students involved in forensics have adopted an outstanding organization that works in events associated with the National Forensic League. Students involved in Debate and Forensics travel around the state with close competition, making their way to the State and National level. Also, students involved have the ability to not only expand their public speaking, but earn additional scholarships through the National Forensic League.


The North student body experienced a much-needed reawakening of school spirit upon the creation of the ZOO during the 2007-08 school year. Oklahoma's High School Sports Magazine said, "Putnam North's self-proclaimed 'Zoo' is an understatement - this student body is unlike any other!" (January 2008)

At the end of the 2007-08 basketball season, it was reported that principal Dr. Brian Chastain received numerous communications from other high schools around the state regarding the high level of enthusiasm by PC North's student section.

In an email from a Jenks high school administrator in early 2008 to Dr. Chastain, it read, "...we want to know how you did it. How do WE recreate the ZOO?"

The Zoo trailed off until the 2011-2012 season, where the famous Zoo created much hype on Twitter for their season opener.

Students United at North

PC North's Students United at North, or SUN: PC North's Student Council, made up of officers (S.U.N. officers), class representatives, and class officers. It is these students who run the student government and direct many of the school's events, including pep assemblies, dances, the annual Cancer Carnival, and other activities. Anyone who meets the established criteria can run to be a class representative, class officer, or S.U.N. officer. These positions are chosen through an election by secret ballot. There are numerous S.U.N. officer positions, such as President, Vice President, Spirit Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Chaplain, Parliamentarian, Publicist, Student/Faculty Relations, and Executive Board. S.U.N.'s most notable activities each year are the Jamaican Me Crazy dance, the numerous pep assemblies each year, Match Maker, Project Panther Fighting Cancer, and the Blacklight Skit. S.U.N. also leads many of the spirit activities during the football and basketball seasons, such as the homecoming festivities.

National Honor Society

National Honor Society (NHS) also has a strong presence at Putnam City North High School. It is composed of Juniors and Seniors who meet a set criteria of academic excellence. The most popular NHS event of the year is the annual Bachelor's Auction, which raises a large sum of money for local charities.

Key Club

Key Club: an International community service organization, gives students an opportunity to serve their community. Many service activities are held each week and usually one every weekend. Key Club attends two major events every year- Weekend of a Lifetime, a leadership retreat, and the Texas-Oklahoma District Convention.

Technology Engineering

The Technology Engineering extra-curricular programs consist of the school's TSA (Technology Student Association) chapter and the BEST Robotics (Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology Robotics) team. The TSA chapter meets yearly from late August through early June, while the BEST Robotics team meets for six weeks each fall. Both organizations are conducted by the Engineering Technology teacher Kathryn Davis.


Publications consists of The North Star newspaper and the Panther Tracks yearbook. The North Star is published nine times each school year (from September to May), while the PantherTracks yearbook is published annually. Both publications are highly accredited in many areas at the state and national level. Both publications are run by publications teacher Corinna Conant. The Panther Tracks yearbook is award-winning and is recognized as one of the best in the state of Oklahoma.

Other school organizations

  • Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)
  • Youth for Ron Paul 2012
  • PAC CREW (Performing Arts Center Crew)
  • Debate/National Forensic League
  • Key Club
  • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
  • Technology Student Association (TSA)
  • National Honor Society (NHS)
  • Science Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Latin Club
  • French Club
  • Mu Alpha Theta
  • CAST (Cultural Awareness for Students and Teachers)
  • DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)
  • PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association)
  • FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America)
  • Panther Pals, (which sends high school students to area middle schools to give younger students a glimpse of high school life)
  • Young Democrats
  • Film Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • RISEING Christians
  • GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
  • Art club
  • Be the Change
  • North Dance Company (NDC)
  • Table Top Role Playing Games Club
  • Students for Peace
  • Fine arts

    Putnam City North is also home to some of Oklahoma's finest high school musical groups, featuring a full-sized marching band, two concert bands, multiple orchestras and choirs, a jazz band, a winter drumline, as well as several smaller branched musical groups. Putnam City North was also the setting of the popular YouTube freestyle video "Fresh New Kicks" which has garnered over 19,000 views, featuring rapper L.T.Z.


    PCN's band program has well over 100 members. North takes two concert bands to contests, the Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble. Both frequently receive superior ratings.

    Jeff Jahnke brought this band to newer heights during his 2-year tenure. Then under the direction of Susan Clothier, the Putnam City North Marching Band, or "Panther Pride", has become a nationally recognized competitive corps-style band. In 2005-2006, they competed for the first time at Bands of America, at a super-regional in St. Louis. Also, during the 2005-2006 school year, the band launched an Indoor Percussion Ensemble (Winter Drumline) for the first time in the school's history, placing first at all of the regional contests it competed in, and in 2006-2007 went on to win the state championships and received 8th nationally.

    The Panther Pride competes in a variety of marching contests. The band is a regular OBA finalist band and frequent recipient of the OSSAA "Superior" award. The band also received first and best in every caption at the 2006 Westmoore Jaguar Invitational.

    PC North Band Contest Performance Programs:

  • 1996-"Glory"
  • 1997-"Alexander Nevsky"
  • 2004-"Warrior's Realm"
  • 2005-"It's About Time" or "Clocks"
  • 2006-"Dancing Through Life" or "Wicked"
  • 2007-"The Music of Leonard Bernstein" or "On the Waterfront"
  • 2008-"Escape from Dystopia"
  • 2009-"Shattered Minds"
  • 2010-"City Scapes"
  • 2011-"Solaris"
  • 2012-"Pathways"
  • 2013-"Momentum"
  • 2014-"Pale Blue Dot"
  • 2015-"Spring"
  • 2016-"The Water's Edge"
  • North also has a Jazz Band that was revived by former director Joel Illgen. The jazz program is now one of the state's finest, regularly being asked to play at important events, such as the January 2008 Minting Ceremony of the Oklahoma State Quarter by invitation of Governor Brad Henry.


    The Putnam City North Philharmonic Orchestra is a full symphony consisting of more than 70 members. In addition to competing on the local circuit, the orchestra is highly regarded on a nationwide scale. The orchestra has competed at the Midwestern Festival, performed at the OMEA (Oklahoma Music Educators' Association) convention several times, consistently earned all 'superior' ratings at the State Orchestra Contest, and also competed at the National Festival of Gold in Boston twice: in the springs of 2001 and 2005, winning the national title in 2001. The orchestra competed at the Big D Classic in Dallas in the spring of 2006 and swept the festival earning all 'superior' ratings, Best in Class, and Best in Festival. In 2007, the Orchestra won 92 out of a possible 100 points at the Heritage Contest held in Chicago, taking first in their class. In 2009, they won 97 out of 100 points playing "Serenade for Strings" by Tchaikovsky at the Heritage Festival in St. Louis, winning first in their class yet again. Furthermore, PCN students often make up a large percentage of the Oklahoma All-State Orchestra. In the 2009-10 school year the Putnam City North Orchestra added another exemplary accomplishment to the list by having the best Bass section in the state. Every member of the section, (Alex Smith, Elizabeth Roewe, and Nick Bowes) made it into both NCHO (North Central Honors Orchestra) and the OMEA all state orchestra.

    Sports and Athletics

    Putnam City North is home to multiple sports athletic programs, including football, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, tennis, golf, and cheerleading programs.

    Athletic Facilities & Sports Fields

    Putnam City North promotes student athletics and multiple sports by owning and maintaining multiple athletic facilities and sports fields. The school prides itself on keeping clean and modern facilities for student use.

    Football/Soccer Field

    The football field, which was converted from grass into artificial turf during the summer of 2006, is located to the East of the main building and are used for practice, as well as freshmen and junior varsity games. During the spring season, the varsity soccer teams use the field for practices and games. A track surrounds the field and is used for track practice and some meets, as well as for cross country practice. Varsity football games are played at Putnam City Stadium, which is shared with Putnam City High School and Putnam City West. Because Putnam City North exemplifies qualities of excellence, students have long been pushing for revitalization of the campus's football field to facilitate varsity football games.

    Indoor Athletic Facilities

    The main building houses multiple athletic facilities used constantly by students, teachers, and athletes. The weight rooms can be used by teachers and athletes only, and the basketball gym provides ample seating for both basketball games and volleyball matches, as well as a central area for the school's pep assemblies.

    Outdoor Athletic Facilities

    The baseball and softball fields lie to the east of the football field, with a smaller practice football field between them. The soccer field lies east of the baseball and softball fields. The tennis courts are situated to the southeast of the football field, bordering "Sophomore Road."

    State Championships Won

  • 1980 Golf: Boys Team Class *3A
  • 1983 Track and Field: 800 Meters (Brett Attebury)
  • 1983 Track and Field: 110 Meter Hurdles (Ed Bechtol)
  • 1990 Track and Field: 800 Meters (John Duffy)
  • 1991 Football: Class *5A State Champions
  • 1991 Track and Field: 3200 Meter Relay (Girls)
  • 1993 Tennis: Boys #1 Singles (Shawn Fox)
  • 1993 Tennis: Girls #1 Singles (Jennifer Hall)
  • 1993 Track and Field: Pole Vault (Chris Duffy)
  • 1994 Tennis: Girls #1 Singles (Jennifer Hall)
  • 1995 Tennis: Girls #1 Singles (Jennifer Hall)
  • 1995 Track and Field: Discus (John Fitzgerald)
  • 1997 Tennis: Girls #2 Doubles (Fauks-Walton)
  • 1999 Golf: Girls Individual Class *5A (Amy Lee)
  • 2000 Track and Field: 400 Meters (Ashley Williams)
  • 2001 Tennis: Girls Team Class *5A (co-champions with Enid)
  • 2001 Tennis: Girls #1 Doubles (Carver-Rodwell)
  • 2001 Tennis: Girls #2 Doubles (Haynes-Milner)
  • 2001 Track and Field: 400 Meters (Ashley Williams)
  • 2002 Tennis: Girls Team Class *5A
  • 2002 Track and Field: 400 Meters (Ashley Williams)
  • 2003 Tennis: Girls Team Class *5A
  • 2003 Tennis: Girls #1 Singles (Amy Senko)
  • 2003 Tennis: Girls #2 Singles (Jennifer Le)
  • 2003 Tennis: Girls #2 Doubles (Haynes-Dunn)
  • 2003 Track and Field: 400 Meters (Ashley Williams)
  • 2005 Tennis: Girls #1 Singles (Cassie Carver)
  • 2005 Tennis: Girls #2 Doubles (Rodwell-Hopkins)
  • 2006 Cheerleading: Class *5A, 2005,2006 and 2007 NCA National Champions
  • 2007 Track and Field: High Jump (Jevin Colbert)
  • 2007 Winter Drumline: Scholastic A Champions
  • 2008 Cheerleading; 6A; 2008 NCA Large Varsity National Champions and 2008 NCA Grand Champion
  • 2009 Tennis: Boys #1 Singles (Chris Haworth)
  • 2009 Tennis: Boys Team Class 6A
  • *Putnam North Is Now A 6A Athletic School In All Sports

    PC North Panther Fight Song

    We're the fighting Panthers of Putnam North,
    Dressed in cardinal red and gold!
    We're the fighting Panthers of Putnam North,
    With courage brave and bold!
    Our scholars are prepared to take all honors!
    Our team will fight to win and fame will garner!
    Hail! Go! Hail! Fight! Hail to victory!
    We're the Panthers of Putnam North!

    Notable alumni

  • Sam Bradford, 2008 Heisman Trophy winner, University of Oklahoma quarterback 2007, 2008, 2009. Number 1 overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. Currently with the Minnesota Vikings
  • Glenn Coffee, first Republican President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate
  • David Holt (politician), Oklahoma State Senator, former Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Oklahoma City, former White House staffer, former aide to U.S. Speaker of the House
  • Shibani Joshi, on-air reporter for FOX Business Network
  • Deji Karim, running back with the Jacksonville Jaguars, 2009 Finalist for Football Championship Subdivision Walter Payton Award
  • Jamie Marchi, voice actor
  • James Marsden, film actor, becoming well known in the X-Men series
  • Mike Mitchell, film director (Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Sky High, Surviving Christmas, Shrek Forever After)
  • Olivia Munn, film actor (Date Night, Iron Man 2), correspondent on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, co-host of "Attack of the Show!" on the G4 Network, model featured in Maxim (magazine) and Playboy
  • Lance Parker, professional soccer player formerly with Chivas USA in MLS and currently with FC Edmonton
  • Kristy Wood Starling, Christian recording artist. Finished second place in NBC's Today Show 's "Today's Superstar" contest in 2002
  • Elizabeth Garrett, former president of Cornell University
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