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Putnam Cemetery

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Phone  +1 203-869-7026
Putnam Cemetery

Address  35 Parsonage Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830, USA
Burials  Victor Borge, Prescott Bush, Dorothy Walker Bush
Similar  St Mary's Cemetery, Cemetery Of The Gate Of H, St John's Catholic Cemetery, St Mary Church, St John's Cemetery

Putnam cemetery danvers

Putnam Cemetery is a non-sectarian cemetery located at 35 Parsonage Road in Greenwich, Connecticut. It is affiliated with adjacent Saint Mary's Cemetery at 399 North Street, which is a Catholic cemetery; the two cemeteries share the same office. The cemetery is located in a quiet residential neighborhood and is the final resting place of several notable people. Some of these renowned individuals are:


Putnam division

  • Elizabeth Milbank Anderson, (1850–1921), philanthropist
  • Victor Borge (1909–2000), pianist, symphony conductor, comedian
  • Prescott Bush, (1895–1972), U.S. Senator, and Dorothy Walker Bush, (1901–1992), parents of President George H.W. Bush and grandparents of President George W. Bush
  • Bud Collyer, (1908–1969), television show host
  • Thomas Hastings, (1860–1929), architect
  • William Temple Hornaday, (1854-1937), wildlife conservationist, first director of the N.Y. Zoological Park
  • Robyna Neilson Ketchum, (1901-1972), actress
  • George Lauder, (1837 - 1924), Scottish-American Industrialist, Mechanical Engineer, Director, Carnegie Steel Corporation
  • Alden McWilliams, (1916–1993), cartoonist
  • Jeremiah Milbank, (1818–1884), co-founder, Borden's Milk Company (1857)
  • Martha Elizabeth Moxley, (1960–1975), murder victim
  • Ezio Pinza, (1892–1957), opera singer
  • Townsend Scudder, (1865–1960), U.S. Congressman from New York
  • Anya Seton, (1916–1990), author
  • Alec Templeton, (1909–1963), composer, pianist
  • Douglass Watson, (1921–1989), actor
  • Saint Mary's division

  • Jack Lescoulie (1912–1987), television show host
  • Albert P. Morano (1908–1987), U.S. Representative from Connecticut
  • William Ryan (1840–1925), U.S. Representative from New York
  • Ann Brannack Skakel (1892–1955), mother of Ethel Kennedy
  • George Skakel (1892–1955), American businessman, father of Ethel Kennedy
  • William L. Tierney (1876–1958), U.S. Congressman from Connecticut
  • Leonard Warren (1911–1960), American baritone
  • Vincent Artale (1917-1988), American Artist/Interior Designer
  • Marie Elefante Artale (1921-1988), Educator, wife of Vincent Artale
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